Volkswagen NILS Concept Is A Commuter Vehicle For One

Volkswagen NILS Concept Is A Commuter Vehicle For One

Volkswagen‘s NILS Concept won’t ever qualify for the HOV lane,  since the single seat concept was designed as VW’s vision of a future commuter that’s a bit like the proverbial “table for one”.

Sporting a single seat – and a curb weight of just under 1000 lbs – the NILS has a 40 mile range from its 34 horsepower electric motor and and scoot to 60 mph in 11 seconds. Although it looks like a goofy kids toy, some neat futures, like gullwing doors, make it cooler than a Smart Fortwo, even though the gullwing setup is horribly inefficient for tight parking spaces that are prominent in urban environments.

Volkswagen’s research says that 90 percent of German drivers travel to work alone, and 74 percent only cover 30 miles or less per day. Something like the NILS is right up their alley, and may even fly in a place like New York City. Let’s see if it makes it to production at all.


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