Volkwagen Jetta Coupe Axed

Volkwagen Jetta Coupe Axed

Volkswagen‘s plan to build the handsome Jetta coupe have been tossed. As the capacity at the Puebla, Mexico plant is already up to its brim with the Jetta wagon, Golf, and Beetle, there simply isn’t any more room for an addition model to be assembled. Moreover, the Mexico plant anticipates production of the Beetle convertible as well.

Filing for a Jetta Coupe patent last year, Volkswagen’s original plan was to offer a package that would compete against the Honda Civic coupe and to fill in the void left by their decision to not bring the Scirocco to North America. First unveiled at the 2010 North American International Auto Show as the NCC concept, the coupe would’ve had a 7-speed dual-clutchgearbox as well as various engine trims ranging from a diesel to the 2.0 TSI found in the GTI.

It really is a shame that the Puebla, Mexico plant couldn’t be anymore accommodating as there could have really been a market for this attractive design. Perhaps this decision will reopen the debate about the Scirocco R making its way to America?

GALLERY: Volkswagon NCC Concept


[Source: Car and Driver]

  • Fer

    It´s the Puebla plant, not pueblo…

  • Jake Steed

    The Scion FR-S would have killed it in sales anyway…

  • Philbrah

    Granted it looks like a poor-man’s A5, but how could VW possibly justify this over the Eos or even the Sportwagen(which I like)? They shouldn’t be too worried about 16 year-olds and retirees that Scion sells to.

  • Build a plant in the United States to build them!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    The problem with the r is that it is just another GTI it uses the same engine and it doesn’t have a 4motion system and would pose to much a threat to GTI sales here like they said a better market target would have been the FWD civic coupe