Volvo To Get Upmarket Flagship, Thanks To Geely Boss

Volvo To Get Upmarket Flagship, Thanks To Geely Boss

Many people have no clue where to place Volvo. Is it a premium brand like Audi or BMW, or is it more closer to VW and Ford!

The truth is, it’s been languishing in the middle for far too long, and the boss of Geely Automobiles, Li Shufu, has been wanting to take the brand upscale ever since his Chinese company acquired this most Swedish of brands.

Now it seems he will finally get his way. While Volvo bosses have resisted to go upmarket in the past, Shufu has influenced them to have a rethink, primarily after showing them sales figures in China. While models like the XC60 and the China-special long-wheelbase S80 are flourishing, sales of its smaller cars like the S40 have been very low.

This indicates that in an emerging and growing market like China, Volvo can do better as a luxury brand rather than a mid-field brand.

Shufu, who described Volvo as “a trapped tiger,” wants to compete with the likes of the A8 and 7-series with a full-size luxury car. What will the new model be called and when will it be out is not yet known, but we look forward to seeing what they will come up with next.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Joseph Tan

    VERY WISE MOVE. CHINA LUXURY CAR MARKET may be the world biggest. All established brand are there. In Fact GM turn-around from the brink of bankruptcy to black in just 2 years just because of a very voracious market – CHINA!