VW Beetle R Concept Sure Doesn’t Look Like One: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

VW Beetle R Concept Sure Doesn’t Look Like One: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Auto shows are known for their wild and wacky concept cars, and while a high-horsepower turbocharged AWD Volkswagen Beetle might sound like the stuff concepts are made from, the Beetle R unveiled today at the Frankfurt Auto Show looks production ready.

While VW didn’t release any hard specs, the German automaker has said the car could use a similar engine to that found under the hood of the Golf R and Scirocco R, which makes 266-hp and 261-hp respectively. Like those two, this concept also makes use of AWD, with fenders front and rear that have been widened by 0.6-inches on each side. Other striking exterior styling changes include large black gloss air intakes on the front of the car, not to mention a sporty rear diffuser. And hard to overlook at the 20-inch chrome wheels.

Perhaps even more impressive is the Beetle R’s interior with some seriously sporty bucket seats and R logos throughout. The rest of the cabin gets gloss black accenting, blue highlights and the sort of high-grade features and quality you’d expect from a real Vee-dub.

Will VW build the Beetle R? Most certainly. While nothing has been confirmed with the launch of the new new-Beetle, Volkswagen emphasized how it wasn’t just a chick car any more. And what better way to get that message across with with the Beetle R.

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