Win a Car and a Trip With the Nissan My Versa Road Trip Contest and Social Media Promotion

Win a Car and a Trip With the Nissan My Versa Road Trip Contest and Social Media Promotion

Nissan is promoting the 2012 Versa with some help from social media and comedian Adam Carolla. The My Versa Road Trip gives you the chance to create a virtual road trip for a chance to win a real one.

Earlier this week, Nissan launched a, a Facebook Connect enabled website, where you can create your own road trip. Pick your own routes and a soundtrack to go along with it. While you’re at it, invite three Facebook friends to join you. Along with your road trip plan, tell Nissan why you should win a real road trip and share it with your social networks. The contest is on now until October 19, 2011.

Out of all the entries, six winners will be announced on November 14. They’ll win a 2012 Versa Sedan and take it on a 4 Day\3 night road trip with their friends. And as they take the trip, the winners will update the world on their progress via updates and photos on various social media platforms. There will also be stop-motion cameras inside and out of the Versas, and this footage will be used to create mini road-trip movies that will be submitted to an online film festival in January 2012.

Actor, comedian and TV personality Adam Carolla will also be joining in on the fun by taking his own road trip in a Versa. He’ll promote the contest by starring in a series of videos where he changes his name to ‘Adam Versa,’ heads to his hometown of North Hollywood and plays a “Hypothetical Road Trip Game.” But wait, there’s more! The September 21 episode of his podcast “The Adam Carolla Show,” will be changed to “The Adam Versa Show.” His guest will be Erich Marx, Nissan Director of Website and Social Media Marketing, and he’ll talk more about the My Versa Road Trip program, the 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan, and play the Hypothetical Road Trip game.

To enter the contest, go to to plan your own road trip.

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    I love Versa


    I knew about Nissan by its own identity. Ya its Nissan Versa which has caught many eyes by its look and not to forget the quality vehicle produced by Nissan. I love its compact styling & trust on road.