120 MPH Crash Test Obliterates a Ford Focus [Video]

120 MPH Crash Test Obliterates a Ford Focus [Video]

If you’re looking for a good reason not to speed, this is it. Thanks to the inquisitive minds at Fifth Gear we now know the absolutely devastating result of what a 120-mph crash would look like.

Part of an ongoing series looking at crash tests and the safety of modern vehicles the team of eloquently-voiced Brits decided to see what would happen if a Ford Focus crashed into a concrete block at 120-mph – triple the speed of modern crash test procedures. The results are both shocking and terrifying.

Watch the video after the jump:

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  • Rj

    This should be a new street racing public service announcement for high schoolers. Damn, I fear crashes like that every day. Imagine being the cop coming upon that crash having to tell the parents your kids aren’t able to be extricated because they aren’t in one piece anymore?