2012 Chevy Colorado Confirmed for U.S., Duramax 4-Cylinder Less Certain

2012 Chevy Colorado Confirmed for U.S., Duramax 4-Cylinder Less Certain

After initially announcing its new truck for other markets all over the globe, Chevrolet has now officially confirmed the Colorado pickup will be sold in America.

The new Colorado will have an easier time in the marketplace with Ford insisting it won’t sell it’s new Ranger model in North America. The Ram brand will, however, offer its next generation Dakota pickup, while the Toyota Tacoma continues to best all rivals by a two-to-one ratio.

With styling borrowed from the Equinox, the Colorado could come with either of the two new 4-cylinder diesel engines offered overseas, including a 2.5-liter that makes 150-hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, as well as a larger 2.8-liter with 180-hp and an incredible 324 lb-ft of torque.

The new Colorado will be manufactured in Shreveport, La.

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  • ryan

    Wrong! Shreveport, LA is closing!

  • Eric

    Not to sound like a fortune cookie, but I think that if diesel options are indeed offered, GM will find great success. With improved gas mileage it will bring more people into the market and certainly convert their competition over. Getting a fraction of the Tacoma market back would be enough to have historic sales.

  • Minot, North Dakota

    Ive been waiting for a midsize diesel in America for a long time. Now let’s hope Ram oks the 5 liter cummins for their 1500 series. This is a new age in diesel.

  • Scott

    YES, it’s about time. I have been waiting for an American midsize 4WD Diesel 5 speed Crew Cab. Hint hint hint Chevrolet! Durability, Longevity, Versatility!

  • Tony

    Oil companies are too greedy they will increase the price of diesel. I think oil companies make more per gallon selling diesel than they do selling gas. It would nice to own American made diesel mid-size pickup, but I hate not drive it because the Diesel is selling at $6.GL and gas is at $4.50GL. Where is the benefit? Globally diesel is somewhat cheaper than in America. By the end of the day you will pay more for the Truck and more for diesel in dollars.

  • john browning

    well I would like to pay one but you all take to much time I drive it over in the sand box and I drive the Toyota 4wd diesel to over her but I am paying a Toyota if you get the ch her first I well pay one well see bye bye