2013 Dodge Viper To Get 8.7L V10 [Baseless Rumor]

2013 Dodge Viper To Get 8.7L V10 [Baseless Rumor]

Today’s total nonsense rumor comes from Chrysler fansite Allpar, which is reporting that the 2013 Dodge Viper will get an 8.7L V10 and doesn’t cite any source, anonymous or otherwise.

While Chrysler boss Ralph Gilles has said that the Viper will retain a V10 engine, we have a hard time believing that an 8.7L motor would appear during a time when everyone is downsizing. Sure, the Viper has never been about fuel economy, but there’s no reason for Dodge to go this route whatsoever.

[Source: Allpar]

  • Rob

    I’m curious why you are calling it baseless – what is your source? Allpar has a pretty good history of being correct, or at least very close to accurate when it comes to Mopar … I would be curious why your information is better. Or is it a baseless hunch?

  • kyle

    ^^the author is obviously an engineer and knows the best way to get 100 extra horsepower out of an engine without adding forced induction….

  • Joey F

    AutoGuide just wishes Allpar would sell out to them like all the other sites did.