2013 Honda Civic Rumored to Get Model Refresh With More Aggressive Styling

2013 Honda Civic Rumored to Get Model Refresh With More Aggressive Styling

One of the complains that has been leveled against the new 2012 Honda Civic is that it isn’t very dramatically designed. In fact, we said as much in our review of the Civic Si, commenting that this “boy racer” needs an injection of testosterone.

This may just happen, and far sooner than anyone could have predicted, with rumors that the 2013 model year car will get a styling update well-ahead of the usual mid-cycle refresh. According to one source a “very refreshed, and more aggressively styled Civic,” is set to hit the market in December of 2012 as a 2013 model year car. The news comes from a “grassroots” meeting between West Coast Honda dealers and corporate big wigs, where the dealers expressed their concerns with the new car’s styling and were reassured with the above comments from corporate.

With Honda having just launched the new Civic, the 2013 model year car is said to arrive late in the year, perhaps as far away as December of next year, giving Honda as much time as possible to revamp the car to help it compete better against popular new models like the Cruze, Focus and Elantra.

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  • Paul

    It’ll need more than restyling. Good mpg bump this year without use of DI and a 6 speed auto. Add that tech next year and Honda could be leading the mpg wars.

  • Umair

    I am from Pakistan. We have seen these tail lights in 2005 model of Honda City. They were not liked before and It is my strong feeling that if this shape hits Paki soil, it will be an instant failure.

    We hope that Honda does this make over as soon as possible

  • justin

    Ok heres my take on this…… long time civic owner of almost every gen. First SI

    First off if honda made a new designed car I would be pissed… after just saving and finally getting a SI and they change it not even months after I buy one. I do know honda is not stupid and they will not do this. It would cost them alot of money to redue what is already. I only see honda making the OEM ground effects kit an installed option and calling it like a SI-R or somthing. Possibly adding a different wing. All things on the so called SI-R will be completly compatable with the standerd SI keeping us 12 owners happy and making it easy for us to upgrade our 12’s if we want to do so. Im a honda tech plus a honda lover I know they just would not make a new body….. just kit parts….. Im calling it here

  • Chris

    I just bought one 2 months ago (2012 Honda civic Sedan) im lovin it so far, the whole package (drive, fuel economy, etc)….

    BUT it would suck if they changed the looks dramatically one or two years later… i thought it would be 3-4 years for a total redesign!

  • Paul

    I hope it’s true. It will make my 2012 Civic coupe a collector’s item…hehe.

  • Edward Petrosky

    I’ve been driving my 3rd Si coupe now for the last 6 weeks and love it with 2600 miles on it already. By the way, with super gas milage that is way over EPA estimates. It stands out in the parking lot and have been getting a number of complements. With the larger distinctive wheels, slopped rear and front windshield and low stance, it looks plenty aggressive to me. My wife is waiting for her EX coupe, its on order. It seems no dealerships in the region are willing to trade. The SIs are impossible to find period.
    This 2012 Si is the best driving SI I’ve owned and I’ve been driving them for the last 22 years. I too would not mind if they come out with a “R” type upgrade for those who want something that is faster for bragging rights and pay three or four thousand more. Me, I like mine just the way it is. Its a great balance of performance and value. I’m not in the market for a “Turbo” and that it seems to be what everyone is crying for. The last SI I believe I changed the battery and had a little brake work done on the front over an eight year period. The “90 SI had 225,000 miles on it before I traded it in. I honestly don’t believe a turbo would hold up as well over the years.

  • hotaro

    justin…i knew this time honda will make this redesign honda civic for 2013 model or they will facing a huge loses in long terms margin..and i know for sure,,2012 owners gonna pissed off..feel bad for u bro!!but that’s life!we are in the system..get over it bro!!haha…

  • Kevin

    Great idea Honda it may cost u a lot of money to re-redesign the civic but let’s be real, that civic wasn’t gonna hold its sales for the next four years so it will pay off. I drive only Honda & never had anything bad to say about your products until the 2012 civic debuted. Let’s remind us of how the civic made a name for its self w/ this redesign

  • steve

    Hope the si is meaner, faster, and can knock the ms3 of its podioum, but Honda has to watch the gti which will come with more power!

    Will see if Honda is up for the fight! My guess they will settle for middle of the road instead of top dog compact! (SAD)

  • John Smith

    Count on it folks…as an insider,(Cannot add to this) the 2013 WILL have a DRAMATIC restyling from the front and rear facia…completely new interior and quite possible but not guaranteed, a new engine…Honda motor company knows it dropped the ball on the current 2012 model design and isn’t going to let it’s bread and butter vehicle sales plummet…The current global economic conditions have hit the auto sector hard and Honda tried to play it safe by cutting back which has affected sales and perception of the company…so they are cranking it up a notch to play ball with it’s competitors a give customers what they’ve alway expected from the company…Good things are ahead!

  • noid

    honda just import the FD2 over and we will be fine.

  • mikuko maklayo

    Love my 2008 civic.Suggestions for next generation:A 6 speed automatic(one reason I do not buy the Si model)a 2.0 engine that use regular gas
    and less road noise.Please.thank you.

  • dickebird

    So glad I never bought a 2012 coupe. All that really kept me from it was the bland gray interior. Charcoal was available, but only in the SI version. I’m very interested to see what they’ll come up with for the coupe. I now own a manufactured in England 2002 SIR; maybe we’re finally getting the European Civic.

    I figure Honda has realized they kind of dropped the ball and are hustling to pick it up and score in a big way with their loyal customers.

    Hopefully, they drop that two-tiered digital dash and go just a little old school with the gauges.

  • Philly

    I think the coupe looks great, the main reason I would not buy one would be that the interior material looks like it was ripped right out of the last generation Hyundai Accent. I currently own a 2007 coupe and the material on the seats is so much nicer, even with 80,000 miles of use. After driving the 2012 SI I realized that this is a very fine car, much better than the last generation. Very smooth with a great power band. Again some of the fine details from the interior are missing like the sliding arm rest. Honda needs to improve the 1.8 models but the SI needs nothing, except the center exhaust shown on the concept car.

  • Ken

    If Honda go through redesign for 2013 model, that’s it.. I’m done with Honda. No more Honda cars as I just bought my new 2012 Civic… You’ll be sorry Honda you’ve just lost a royal customer.

  • Steven

    ken, to be honest, you just being selfish and a redesign would be the best part for them because the 2012 styling does not look as sporty as it “Should be” compared to previous years. I hope Honda would put a bit more time into redesigning 2013 styling because if this goes on for another few years, i think more teenage kids would move toward cars such as Scion Tc. The worse part of the 2012 civic is the design but everything else seems fine. Thank You for your time.

  • Amy

    I was seriously considering the 2012 Civic sedan but am intrigued by the possible redesign for 2013. So I’ll wait and see if Honda comes up with a new and improved version as several on this board believe so (even an “insider”). I hope they improve the dashboard — it’s a bit overdone (something out of an episode of Knight Rider), although I like the Econ features.

  • Colum Wood

    I’d hold off too. Look for bigger changes than just the design, like a significant increase in fuel economy due to direct injection and a CVT transmission. See here: http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2011/11/honda-previews-new-engine-lineup-direct-injection-and-cvts-coming.html

  • Marta Hegemier

    I just bought a 2012 CIVIC. I love it.

  • david diaz

    Me and my girlfriend just leased a 2012 honda civic lx. This is my third honda first I had a prelude type sh then a crv quality has gone down over the years, too much engine noise and weird engine noises from a brand new car! Also not enough power from the r18 granted its a gas saver but nowadays you want the best of both worlds.interior I like, plenty of room for 4 adults I think a k20 should be standard in all civics as well as a 6 spd tranny. Auto and manual exterior couldnt be better except for hubcaps,rims should be standard honda needs to realize that honda owners aren’t just car buyers we are buying a “honda” not a kia there is a certain level of quality and dependability that just comes with the saying “its a honda” those few words. Take a car from just being a mode of transportation to being a part of the family and like a child to some owners. So honda please wisen up and keep honda drivers driving hondas not hyundais

  • Tom

    I was in the market for either a 2012 Civic, (my family has owned 6 civics) or an Accord. Finally purchased a Camry 4 cyl. with 6 speed automatic trans. It delivers over 38 mpg hwy. and 30 everyday driving, and a much smoother ride than the Accords I test drove.
    Honda needs 6 speed trans. on BOTH Civic and Accord. They have a hatch back Civic that they sell in Europe but not the U.S.??? Honda needs more than styling changes, their management is slowing in tech. and merchandising their products. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

  • Rose Paris

    My Honda ciciv lease is up in april 2012.
    You are coming up with a new design for 2013.

    What should I do???????

  • Deedy

    I have a 2011 Honda Civic DXVP and I love it. I test drove the 2012 Civic, but thought the interior looked cheap and the stero and entire dash was right up against the driver. Unlike the 2006-2011 Civic series where the dash is far out with the racked windows and easy to access stero and air conditioning. Keep the two tier dash and the openness on the dashboard and front windshield.

    I just may trade it in for the 2013 Civic if improvements are made and somethings remain the same. I am glad I have the 2011 Civic series it was ranked number #1 small car by Kelly Blue Book, Road and Track, etc.

  • Barry

    In July 2010 I bought new black 2010 civic si coupe and just love it. I search the reviews to see what the 2012 would look like and for me thought it looked a bit “girly” for my liking. 2006 to 2011 are more meaty looking.

  • jay

    im a huge honda guy, from crx,egs,integras and all that. finished building my teg and i really wasnt a fan of the civics except 92-95 and some 2000 si’s. But my gf just bought the new 2012 civic(non si) as she is just a daily driver. Its not fast but hell its a base model. It definetely has grown on me styling wise, just wish she woulda got the ground kit all around but hey maybe ill get it for her down the road. The grey interior is ok but the charcoal is much nicer. The radio is ok at best. But overall its a good daily driver pretty much what honda has always done best

  • I liked Honda Civic in Europe and still like it. The compact Honda car on this continent should have another name; Civic was born a hatch and should stay there. If Honda decides to bring the real Civic back on this continent it will be a good decision. If not, good for Mazda 3 hatch.

  • Speednimpho

    RDX motor K23 on boost needed Please

  • Colum Wood

    Sadly, the RDX 2.3 is now gone. And Honda is going to add direct injection, but that’s about it.

  • Kdowiak

    I would prefer an SI, but with an autostick. 

  • Revhrd4

    Like the power and torque of the new SI 2.4 but I think an autostick would be great so the wife could drive it and in sedan form with room for our baby with good trunk space! Lil more aggressive styling needed too! Sporty yet more practical for daily use is def needed!

  • Derek

    I love my 2011 Civic SI. I drove a 2012 when I was in the market for one, but it just seemed too “Cadalackish” Idk it just felt a little top heavy. I really have no complaints about my 2011 at all except for maybe it has a little too much roll to it in the corners. Thats just the racer in me talking though. For what its worth, it drives like a dream in the monsoon rain when the roads are a lake, I live in seattle, trust me I drive it a lot.