Audi A3 Range to Include Four Models

Audi A3 Range to Include Four Models

Audi‘s growth plan will hinge significantly on the success of its upcoming all-new A3 model. Teased with the A3 Sedan Concept at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year, the 4-door was an obvious sign that Audi wants to push the car hard in the North American marketplace. And why not, with the proposed concept almost identical in size to the current A4. Plus, with the concept car’s 408-hp engine and beautiful styling it certainly won over the younger enthusiast base – including most every blog on the internet.

According to Audi chief designer Stefan Sielaff, along with the sedan, the German automaker is looking to introduce three additional models in the A3 range. Essentially a down-sized version of the A4/A5 range, there will be an A3 hatchback (a must for Europe), as well as both a convertible and sportback model.

Using different versions of the same MQB modular architecture, the longer 103.5-inch wheelbase will be used for the sportback and sedan, while a shorter 102-inch wheelbase platform will be used for the convertible and hatch. Audi has no indicated if it will build a coupe model for the A3 family, although S and RS models are likely.

GALLERY: Audi A3 Sedan Concept

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