BMW Heads-Up Display Goes Color

BMW Heads-Up Display Goes Color

Originally launched in 2004, BMW Heads-Up Display provides vital information such as vehicle speed and navigation instructions at the driver’s eye level on the windshield. According to BMW, the average driver takes about one second to read the information on the instrument cluster, essentially distracting a driver traveling at 30-mph for 13-feet. Their HUD is geared towards cutting that time in half, and BMW has now fine-tuned it even more, adding color and more intuitive symbols to the display.

BMW’s HUD used to only be available on their 5-Series, but is now expanding to all models in BMW’s lineup. The new system tosses out the mono-chromatic projection for a full colored, brighter display. It’ll be interesting to see if any other vehicles start integrating heads-up displays to all their models, like BMW has.

[Source: CNet]

  • Floyd Young

    BMW is ahead on everything technical in the automotive field. I have never owned a BMW but I sure admire their product advancements over the years. BMW is the drivers car. I test drove a 2007 335i and a 2008 535i. My next car will be a five series BMW.