Canada May Restrict All Cars to 150 KM/H

Canada May Restrict All Cars to 150 KM/H

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis of Scarborough-Agincourt, Ontario, Canada, is a long time political activist for speed limiters with the intent of reducing the number of car accidents caused by excess speed.

Though a previous attempt in 2006 to present a speed limiter bill to the House of Commons was unsuccessful, a recent high-speed car accident in Toronto that tore a vehicle to two pieces, killing driver Wyongfong Shen, has further motivated Karygiannis to reintroduce a bill for electronic speed limiter devices to be installed on all new vehicles.

Jim Karygiannis explains, “It was estimated that this individual was doing 180 kilometers an hour, so should the speed limiter have been at 150, it would have cut him off and he wouldn’t have been able to speed… I figured cars shouldn’t be going over 150 kilometers an hour [93 mph). Nobody needs it. Nobody wants it.”

If the bill passes, it will amend the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, effectively making speed limiters mandatory for all new vehicles sold in Canada.

[Source: CBC]

  • Mr. Reality

    Apparently certain MP’s brains are also limited to only function at a certain speed as well.