Dodge Grand Caravan Axed, Fiat-Based Replacement Due in 2014

Dodge Grand Caravan Axed, Fiat-Based Replacement Due in 2014

With a new look, a new engine, a much improved interior and better ride quality you’d think the folks at Chrysler would be pleased with their new Dodge Grand Caravan? After all, it has even been met with much-improved comments from the automotive media.

It may have started the entire minivan segment, but Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne apparently cares little for history, deciding instead to axe the family hauler from the Chrysler brand lineup some time in 2013. According to a report by Automotive News the van will be replaced (along with the Dodge Avenger) by a single Fiat-based crossover model in 2014.

The Chrysler Town & Country (generally the volume seller and the more expensive model) will continue on as the brand’s only minivan. Of note, however, the Grand Caravan has actually outsold the Chrysler model by roughly 14,000 units so far in 2011. The decision is also a bold move outside U.S. borders where the Dodge Grand Caravan is the top selling minivan in Canada.

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[Source: AutoNews]

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  • Bill

    Please get your facts straight. Buyers are not stupid. Badge engineering is going the way of bad blogs, extinct.

    Our new Minnivan will be incredible, and at a price point that people will buy in droves …………………………

  • Rich

    I see history repeating itself again with Fiat as I seen with the Diamler-Chrysler relationship. I understand you have to make hard decisions when you are running a company but, if something is working or selling in this case, leave it alone. Chrysler has been making these minivans since 1984 and have done a good job at it. Fiat is pushing these little sardine cans that many people have no interest in. There is no reason to axe these vehicles when they are selling and people just love them…..

  • Ahmed Ginnah

    I totally agree with Bill, Rich may be but the other buying public is not stupid to just buy badge engineered cars, or with so called “new models” a la Toyota Fortuner, with just only a face lift and no improvement to its mechanicals, BUT at a price. Some uninformed or ill-informed buyers will still buy their choice, at a price, whether improvements or not. Everybody learns someday, but some take just that bit longer. If one sees where Chrysler is to where it was, tells one alot about FIAT and its plans. Keep up the Good work, FIAT.

  • Charles Goin

    By moving to just the T&C Chrysler version, they will be killing about 25% of thier sales. The Dodge Caravan is the budget winner between Chrysler, Kia, Honda and Dodge in minivans. By eliminating the budget model they will kill sales. Need to have the upscale model and the working class soccer mom model.. without both they will lose sales to the Koreans more so they than already do. You simply can’t have a “budget” Town and Country if you want to upscale the brand.

  • Lorne Bailey

    Keep the Caravan and ditch the Town & Country, which is a 1960ties name. The reality is they will be shooting themselves in the foot and the caravan has history, and the T&C only has chrome.

  • Halfclicked

    WHY would you stop making a van that people are buying???
    It’s those guys in the suits again, ruining our world.

  • Adam

    I wouldn’t buy a T and C – especially when one can get an Odyssey or Sienna for the same price as the T and C – maybe less. I had planned to purchase a 2014 Grand Caravan to replace our 2006. The Grand Caravan is good value in my opinion. I find the T and C interior, namely the clock and gauges, to be tacky looking and overall the vehicle is not as good a value as the Grand Caravan. Bye Bye Chrysler/Dodge, hello Honda or Toyota.

  • excellent, 2 of my tops picks are gone, I can’t wait to see the market punish Fiat for this.  Hello Toyota GM, and Ford!