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 |  Oct 29 2011, 11:00 AM

We already enjoy the benefits of drive-thru restaurants, bank machines, even funeral homes. For people who hate getting out of their cars, you’ll be happy to hear about the drive-thru lobby at the Interalpen Hotel in Austria.

To check into your room for the night, you just drive right into the lobby. The Interalpen Hotel, which is located in the Austrian Tyrol (about two hours from Munich), is all about the luxe lifestyle and making sure your stay is a stress-free one… from the moment you arrive. This hotel gives you the five-star treatment all the way and takes valet parking to the next level. To drive into the lobby, you pull into what looks like underground parking, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when instead of a parking space, you’re greeted by a sumptuous lobby.

We’re not sure how much more this amenity costs hotel guests or what kind of a mess the floor is in the winter, but it certainly is an unusual perk. We’d take this over a mint on the pillow any day.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]