Gran Turismo 5 ‘Spec 2’ Update Coming With More Features, Improved Functionality

Gran Turismo 5 ‘Spec 2’ Update Coming With More Features, Improved Functionality

After a half a decade of waiting, Gran Turismo 5 failed to really live up to the hype. But at the driving simulator’s launch the game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi promised that this was just the beginning; and now we have a clear idea of what he meant.

Starting October 11th, a “Spec 2” updated version of the game will be available for download with plenty of added features. Two of the most significant additions include the ability to save progress during an endurance race, as well as a new interior view for all “standard” cars. Previously only premium class cars were available with a view from behind the wheel.

Additional upgrades include 11 new NASCAR race cars from the 2011 season, adjustable weather conditions during a race, shortened load times, improve car physics, an improved and enhanced user interface, new features added to the Online Lounge and the ability to use the new Logitech G25/G27 steering wheels. But perhaps the best news is that the entire “Spec 2” package will be available for download for free.

  • Corey

    cant wait for this to come out.

  • Kong

    It shouldve been a 5 dollar charge, im glad its free, but i feel like this update being a free update makes the patch editors not willingly giving it their full effort. still a lot of things they couldve done to improve the game, ie improved car exhaust note realism, better turbo spool sound(PSSHHHHhh), tunnel sound echo sound effects etc.

  • Laurie hall

    all this TALK.. why doesnt someone say something..i have updated  my gt5 too 2.07..doesnt appear to have included any previous updates..where do i get download to update to spec 2 or do i have to buy the new disc..and rerun all the races..  laurie