Hyundai Overtakes Honda As America’s Fifth Largest Automaker

Hyundai Overtakes Honda As America’s Fifth Largest Automaker

Surging volumes and a lag in Japanese output helped Hyundai surpass Honda as America’s fifth largest automaker in 2011, selling 522 more units (from both Hyundai and Kia combined) than Honda did through September.

Analysts cite Honda’s inventory disruption due to Japan’s natural disasters in March as a leading cause of the change in rankings. While Honda was crippled by a lack of parts inventory and forced to disrupt their normal production schedule, Hyundai carried on virtually unaffected.

While Honda’s new Civic and CR-V may help narrow the (currently) small gap, there are still 3 more months of sales results to be analyzed and we won’t truly know the full story until January 1, 2012.

  • Wait what?

    Wait what? You should rephrase how you titled this article, Hyundai is not an American Automaker

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    Go Hyundai. Great job in 2011

  • @waitwhat

    They mean AMERICA’S 5th largest automaker…there saying its the fifth largest in the U.S under the big three GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

  • JP

    @Wait what? It would be great if it was. Then America would have at least one viable brand.

  • fm

    hyundai makes more cars in usa then any other car tops ford ,gm ,and jeep/crysler by alot even tho there owned from koren corp.