Chrysler Called Out On “Imported From Detroit” Campaign

Chrysler Called Out On “Imported From Detroit” Campaign

We’ve all seen them. The “Imported from Detroit” ads that Chrysler is flooding the market with. Some people think it is a clever way to gain favor with Chrysler’s home audience, others simply do not like the ads themselves. Nomatter how you feel about them, one thing is clear – they are kind of misleading.

A recent study by “The Made in the US Foundation” found that the vehicles in the ads are not even made in Detroit.  Made in the USA chairman Joel Joesph said in a statement, “The Chrysler 300 is assembled in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and often includes a Mexican-made engine. Last time I checked, Detroit is not in Canada. Chrysler is flat wrong to imply the Chrysler 300 is made in the United States and we have asked the FTC to order corrective advertising.”

Chrysler responded by saying that Imported from Detroit is merely a saying and is not to be taken literally.

  • asdf

    Well, I guess I’ll take my money somewhere else, dont take it personally.

  • Nate H

    Don’t waste your money on this piece of crap!Remember this is the company that needed our tax dollars to survive!