Mitsubishi Reveals MiVEC Engine With Start-Stop System

Mitsubishi Reveals MiVEC Engine With Start-Stop System

As automakers look for ways to save fuel and reduce emissions, idle shut-off systems are becoming increasingly prevalent. Now, Mitsubishi has jumped on the bandwagon, releasing the first details on its new 4J10 1.8-liter gasoline motor which features Auto Stop and Go technology.

The engine, which also incorporates an updated version of Mitsubishi’s MiVEC variable valve timing (that combines both valve lift and duration based on engine speed as well as continuously variable valve timing – previous motors had one or the other); will be available from this month in the Japanese Domestic Market RVR crossover, plus the Galant Fortis sedan and Sportback (known as the Lancer in North America and most other markets).

In JDM configuration, the new engine will be rated at 139 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and  126.9 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 revs and provides a roughly 12 percent gas mileage improvement on the Lancer and RVR. Although currently, the Auto Stop and Go system is only available on cars with manual gearboxes, Mitsubishi has been developing a version that can be used on those equipped with Continuously Variable Transmissions.

Given ever tightening fuel economy and smog requirements in other parts of the world, particularly Europe and North America, expect derivatives of this engine to appear in export markets in the near future, notably the Lancer sedan and Sportback, plus the RVR and ASX/Outlander Sport.

[Source: Carscoop]