Mugen CR-Z Won’t See Production

Mugen CR-Z Won’t See Production

The Honda CR-Z was always intended to be a car with a split personality. When docile, the hybrid system allows the CR-Z to reach 39-mpg. Then, if prodded, the sporty hybrid promises to deliver sports car levels of driving excitement. However, in its current state, the CR-Z has been more Dr. Jekyll than Mr. Hyde.

To alleviate the matter, Honda initially revealed the hotted-up CR-Z Mugen RR Hybrid Concept. But unfortunately, Honda has no plans to put it in production.

Though frustrating, the CR-Z Mugen RR Hybrid Concept was always going to be a long shot. Sporting generous amounts of carbon fiber for its hood, fenders and doors it generates 197 horsepower thanks to a supercharger and can reach 60 mph in 6.6 seconds all while the hybrid system still had a solid grasp to its sensible side.

Without a sporting halo, Honda could really use a bit of Mr. Hyde in its line-up, even if CR-Z is not the answer.

GALLERY: Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Hybrid Concept

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