My BMW Remote App Now Available for Android Phones

My BMW Remote App Now Available for Android Phones

If you’ve got a BMW and an Android phone, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ve got access to the My BMW Remote app. Up until now, the app had only been available for the iPhone, but now the Android smartphone version has access to all the same nifty features.

The My BMW Remote app for Android will open and close your car, as well as control the Climate Control functions so you heat or cool your car before getting in. If you lose track of your BWM in a busy parking lot, just use the Flash Light or Horn Blow functions to be reunited again. And if it is way out of your line of sight or hearing, just use the Vehicle Finder function, which works within a up to 1,500 meters, and a map will pop up and get you to your car. It even comes with Google Local Search so you can use the search function or the smartphone’s address book to send Points of Interest (POIs) to your car’s navigation system.

Next year, the e-mobility-specific remote functions of the BMW ActiveE, which offers cool features such as battery charging from outside the car, will be available for Android phones, as will the Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) function upgrade.

  • Khalid hafeez

    How do I get the APP for my BMW remote on my Android phone
    as I have searched the Market & it is not showing ?

  • Amy Tokic

    Hi Khalid,
    It’ll be available in the next month or so, so keep checking the Market for it

  • English Speaker

    What does “NOW” available mean in the version of English that you speak? Does “NOW” mean “Sometime soon”?

  • Mehrdad

    They just repeat a random release they see somewhere on the wire without fact checking..
    The app is not yet available as of 11 December 2011.. so much for NOW!

  • CM Rahman

    Feb 2012. where is the app? Anybody know?

  • Amy Tokic

    I’ve sent in a request to BMW and will let you know what I find out

  • Bolsheet

    I think now realy means never, shame on BMW for ignoring the fastest growing phone platform. I would rather sell my car than buy an Iphone !

  • MaxLaw

    Just bought a 2011 BMW X-3 back in 12/11. Went by to see my salesman (for the free weekly exterior car wash) and he told me about this app, but I checked on the Android Market and it was not there for my HTC Sensation. Guess I will keep on checking…he was impressed with it…..

  • Bolsheet

    I see BMW are taking their time to reply to you Amy, it just shows how keen they are to impress their Android owning consumers.

  • Amy T

    Yeah, I am sorry! I even contacted a dealership to see if they could help me out, but no response. If that changes, I will let you know

  • Amy T

    Hi Bolsheet,
    I just got off the phone with BMW, and the reason it’s not there is because it hasn’t been launched yet. But not to worry – the good news is it is on its way. They will let me know ASAP on a release date for the Android My BMW app and I will let you know the moment I find out.

  • Dennis

    How do I down load the BMW android app.
    Thanks for any help.

  • Paul Neil

     Hi Amy
    Do you have any update on this? I have just upgraded to a 5 series and would really like the android app


  • Mtl555

    Does anyone got news for the Android apps, not sure wh its taking so long…