Saab 9-5 Is Singapore’s Car Of The Year

Saab 9-5 Is Singapore’s Car Of The Year

The tiny island nation of Singapore is best known for its laws banning chewing gum and instituting corporal punishment against criminals, and apparently, a big lover of the Saab 9-5.

The obscure Swedish sedan was named “Car of the Year” by a local publication called “Consumer Guide”, according to Saab’s PR department.  Car taxes in Singapore are severe and import restrictions make it difficult for residents to actually buy a new car, so Saab may get bragging rights, but seeing any extra dollars from this is unlikely.

  • AJ

    “Obscure Swedish Sedan” and “…Saab may get bragging rights, but seeing any extra dollars from this is unlikely”.

    Great to see the award given to a very deserving car but could have done without the “let’s see how we can spin a negative out of this” style of journalism.
    Any positive press is needed for Saab and winning a “Car of the Year” award will surely not only impact that immediate market, but others as well. It’s positive press and gets the car / brand in front of someone who might not have considered it as an option.

  • Peter

    Saab the most underated car in recent times is a well featured quality product, giving highest priority to safety. The Saab is designed and manufactured to give you every chance of avoiding or surviving a serious accident. Unfortunately the media unlike Saab does not think outside the square and has contributed to the downfall of Saab. Let’s hope Saab will find a buyer that can not only keeps the Saab uniqueness alive but can also create a marketing plan that will give them the latitude that BMW and Mercedes have always enjoyed. Sadly the clock is ticking with every minute bringing this unique vehicle to a sad and undeserving end.


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