Scion iQ Sales Targets Set At 1,000-2,000 Units Per Month

Scion iQ Sales Targets Set At 1,000-2,000 Units Per Month

Toyota is setting targets of between 1,000 and 2,000 units per month for the rollout of its Scion iQ city car, and the new vehicle will see a tiered launch that involves an initial rollout on the West Coast this winter with a Midwest and East Coast launch this spring.

The Japanese-built iQ will also have to work around Toyota supplier schedules, which have yet to fully come back online following March’s earthquake and tsunami. While the iQ starts at under $16,000, Scion VP Jack Hollis said that a continued economic downturn would be bad for the car, as it would leave the youth demographic without the funds to purchase the car.

  • Stephen Cohen

    I have just ordered a iq scion , but now they tell me there are no snow
    tires for the car. The dealer did not tell me this before I bought the car. winter is apon us and I need SNOW tires. I live in Toronto Canada.


  • Colum Wood

    @Stephen Winter tires for the car do exist. I just did a quick check on and found these
    Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D RunOnFlat

    I’d call a tire shop, or have your Toyota dealer call around for you.


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