Tesla Model S to Get High-Performance Version: 0-60 in 4.6 Seconds

Tesla Model S to Get High-Performance Version: 0-60 in 4.6 Seconds

Electric car maker Tesla Motors had previously announced it would offer several different versions of its new Model S luxury sedan with different range capabilities, but now CEO Elon Musk has revealed those different levels will also boast varying levels of performance. Topping the lineup will be a 300 mile range-capable version that will cut almost a second from the standard car’s 0-60 time, with an impressive 4.6 second sprint compared to the 5.5 second run for the rest of the model range.

Two additional trim levels will be offered, one with a 230 mile range and another with a 160 mile range. In addition Tesla also has announced it will offer optional aerodynamic wheels that should add an additional 20 miles of range to the top level model.

Speaking at a showing for a prototype of the car in Silicon Valley, Musk commented that, “It’ll be better than anyone thinks a car like this can be. The goal with the Model S was to build the best car, not just the best electric vehicle.”

The model S will feature a unique battery swapping capability with a battery change time of roughly one minute. Plus, with a special fast-charging system even the 300 mile range model will be able to be recharged and back on the road in just one hour.

So far, over 6,000 people have placed a deposit on the model S, accounting for all of the car’s first year of production.

[Source: AutoCar]