The 20 Coolest Places To Charge Your Electric Vehicle In The U.S.

The 20 Coolest Places To Charge Your Electric Vehicle In The U.S.

Ford has scoped out the 20 cool places for you to charge your electric vehicle on your next cross-country road trip. With more charging station popping up all the time, EV owners have more options when it comes to long-distance trips and sight-seeing locales.

Ford picked each location based on a number of factors, including distance to a landmark, dining and shopping venues to visit while you’re waiting for your electric vehicle to charge. Here are the 20 coolest places to charge in the U.S., listed alphabetically, along with what makes them so cool.

Edison Park Fast Lot – New York City: Near Times Square and Broadway. Fashion Island, Newport Beach, Calif.: Located at a premier outdoor shopping center. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco: Enjoy waterfront dining, shopping, and sightseeing Give Kids the World Village, Kissimmee, Fla.: A nonprofit center that gives children with life-threatening illnesses a memorable experience. Greenville Zoo, Greenville, S.C.: Visit the world-class zoo while charging. Hall Wines and Clif Family Winery, St. Helena, Calif.: Tour the two wineries and take in the scenery. Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii: Take a break at this beach resort. Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, Houston: A day of fun with nature and animals. Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles: The nearby Staples Center offers plenty of attractions. Malibu Country Mart, Malibu, Calif.: Look for celebrities or hit the stores while shopping. Mall of America – Bloomington, MN: Enjoy shopping, entertainment, and a variety of other attractions. Magnificent Mile – Downtown Chicago: One of the most iconic streets in America. Mint Street Parking Garage – Downtown Charlotte, N.C.: A first-class view of downtown Charlotte. NFL Stadiums: CenturyLink Field, Seattle and M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore: Cheer on the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn.: A solar-powered electric vehicle charging station. Peaches Bed & Breakfast, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Spend the night at this historic manor. Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tenn.: America’s highest underground waterfalls. Santa Monica Plaza Shopping Center, Santa Monica, Calif.: Beach lovers can hang out on the Santa Monica Pier. Science Museum of Richmond and Children’s Museum of Richmond, Va.: Visit the two museums. Stevens Pass Mountain Resort, Leavenworth, Wash.: Hit the slopes at this ski resort.

  • John Dueweke

    So people in Wayne, Oakland & Macomb counties in Michigan have to go to Grand Rapids to get a charge?

  • Jim Dow

    Fashion Island in Newport Beach already has charging stations, Santa Monica also (next door to the Plaza in the city parking structure). These are superficial solutions and most of them already have functional charging stations. It would be better to explore the many other places they would be MORE useful, such as Restaurant parking lots – charge while you eat lunch or dinner, Movie theaters – charge while watching a film, or just any parking lot where you will spend an hour or two shopping, or the WORKLACe most of us work 8 hours a day, charge while you are at work. Hotels all should have charging in their parking areas.

    Restaurants and Hotels would have more to do with a cross country road trip than any of your listed choices.

    Really, your list is surprisingly superficial, start putting some real thought into this real solution to many of this nations problems!

    25,000 miles on Electricity in 2 years, no oil consumed!

    I can’t wait to see the Ford Focus Electric, drive one, maybe own one, Hope it is a huge success!


    Don’t overlook Aulani, a brand new Disney resort on the isle of Oahu in Hawaii.

  • Joe E Coyotee

    Go Tesla, Plug in cars are the way to go, I love driving again, just as I did when I got my first car, the best part is driving by the gas stations and the Instant fast acceleration off the line, now red lights are fun.
    can’t wait to see moe EV’s on the road.

  • Pedro

    The new electric vehciles have replaceable battery packs that you can change in 5 minutes. And they’re good for 300 miles. Even if there did have to be charging stations, don’t forget that when the automobile was invented, people thought they were a novelty because they got so little mileage That meant that THOUSANDS of little stations all over the country had to be built so that people could fill their tanks with gas! Not to mention the creation of enormous, safe vehciles that could transport the oil to each station Not to mention the fact that every road in the country had to be paved! It was a revolution. We need another one.Anyway, it would take around five hours for a person to drive 300 miles so it’s not unthinkable that a 5-minute pit stop would be in order for a snack, a pee, and a charge!