Top 10 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy

Top 10 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy

6. Kia Rio 5-Door: $13,600

All-new for 2012, the Kia Rio 5-door shares its underpinnings with the Hyundai Accent hatch. Priced at $13,600 you get a high-tech direct-injection 1.6L that achieves best-in-class 30/40 mpg. An optional fuel economy package will add on a start-stop system to improve city mileage by one tick. A fine and affordable machine, the Rio is perhaps better bought with options, including some styling 17-inch wheels, UVO telematics system and navigation. There’s even a heated steering wheel. But all that will cost you. A lot.

Read AutoGuide’s Kia Rio 5-Door Review Here

  • Daniel Cote

    Why isn’t smart in this list?

  • mr x

    because they suck!

  • Colum Wood

    Lol.. it was an oversight. (Being small, they’re easy to overlook). The updated list now has the Smart fortwo Pure…. and no more Mazda2… pity.

  • BigWarpGuy

    For such a small engine in a Smart car, it can really go fast. I have a Smart car and I really enjoy driving it.

  • Uncle B

    I can’t help but remember,Oldsmobile’s, Packard’s, Hudson’s, Desoto’s, Pontiac’s, Nash, Studebaker’s, Mercury’s, Kaiser’s, Monarch’s,Edsel’s, all made by American hands, all American steel, All American profits, from food and homes sold to American workers. What the Hell happened to us?

  • Orange_C

    If you’re so strapped for cash, why in the world would you be buying a new car? One only a few years old would still have a healthy balance of the warranty remaining and could save you 30% or more over a pretty much identical car. Taking the initial hit of depreciation when you’re already hard up is a terrible idea.

    Sure, they get 2 or 3mpg worse than the newest models, but it’ll take you many, many, many years of driving to make up the cost chasm in gas savings alone, and the extra maintenance cost (perhaps 30k miles worth or so) is negligible over the life of the car (200k-300k miles).

  • Neon

    What about the smart fortwo passion coupe? It starts at $13,690 and has about the same features as that Yaris…

  • Bryant

    Or oyu know, instead of buying dreadful little appliance cars that depreciate like crazy, you could learn to work on older cars and buy something you actually enjoy. My last car was a mercedes benz 500sl. I bought it for $3900, put about a grand into it and sold it for $7000. Did i mention it was a v8 convertible with leather and power everything? The people that blow their credit and money because they have to have a “new” car make me laugh.

  • Ocsabat

    Autoguide: The SX4 has a 2.0-liter engine, not a 1.8.

  • Daniel Cote

    @ mr x

    because they suck!

    Thanks for your insightful, and, obviously intellectually superior comment. Whatadoofus.

  • alex nadelhoffer

    I wish they had the most basic standard Honda on this list. I guess I take to the Hatch’s better on this list becuase all the sedan’s look lame kinda like a ford focus sedan. It’s just lame alright. My favorite is right in the middle of the list. The Kia Rio hatch. It looks stylish and somewhat flashy. And it’s not up there in price with the Yaris. I’m more of a ford guy, the fiesta sedan looks lame as heck, I guess it wouldn’t cost that much to spiff it up a little bit.. But it’s already more pricy than the Rio Hatch.

  • alex m nadelhoffer

    I like the Rio Hatch, comming in at 5, it’s review stated it’s not a “hot hatch” but it’s style looks the more slick to me than the rest. It seems like a good choice with all the add ons, but overcrowding with all the buttons inside is too much for me. Regardless I wouldn’t purchase it, if it didn’t come in manul. The Chevy sonic looks hot though too.

  • Mr NO PC

    Why would you want these little “can’t do anything with but drive to work pieces garbage”. Also replacement hybrid car battery can range anywhere from $1,000 to more than $6,000, depending on the year and model of car, and without including dealership or independent labor costs. I remember when they meaning Detroit,Japan, and Europe could get 30,40, even 50 mpg out of a car without all these battery’s and electronics. Oh that’s right it’s not PC to build a real car.

  • Jay

    Why the 4-door and 5-door models in lieu of the 2 and 3-door models? I don’t need the rear doors. I don’t want the extra weight, cost, and lower structural rigidity the extra doors give.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    One of the most exciting models on the list, its the replacement to the lackluster Aveo . . .” IT’S not ITS, IT’S IT’s, stupid

  • Ross

    The smart cars are not practical in Wisconsin winters. I wouldn’t go any smaller than a Fiat. Also, I am displeased with the lack of fuel economy all the smart cars get. The new Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio gets better fuel economy and a 4 person-sized car for only $2000 more than a Smart car, fully loaded!

  • grammar cop

    ITS means “belonging to it”
    IT’S means “it is”

  • Carl

    UncleB asks “What happened to US”???

    Besides GREED by CEOs and union workers….our politicians have sold us out to lobbyist….how else can you explain that they have given Israel over 10 million dollars A DAY since 1948 while our infrastructure crumbles and our schools, hospitals etc…are underfunded….

  • Harley

    um…@ Daniel Cote….number 4 is a smart car…so…it is on the list, why anyone would want a shitty car like that is beyond me.

  • Casper

    Am I the only one that noticed the Toyota Yaris pictured was a five door?

  • anonymous

    See nissan kia and scion dont realize that people dont like crappy car designs like the soul and the cube, they are just cheap to buy

  • Brock

    People buy these “cheap cars” for work. These are good secondary cars. If you have a family yes you need a van or suv or something half decent in size but for a second car why waste the gas. Thats why eco cars where invented. Most people do not buy them for fun they buy them because they are a practical means of transport.

  • Eric Larsen

    I love my Smart Pure and had it for three years going on to the fourth, and had managed to pay 13,500 for one with Air Conditioning and a radio as options along with the sliver shell and metallic blue paint. True my initial thought of getting this car was for gas mileage, but to me it is more than that. I am a graphic artist and a cartoonist and for me this car appeals to my creative side of thinking. It is also a lot of fun to drive around in as a little two seater car, but without the added hike of one. Finally it is not your cookie cutter gas saving car which is exactly what i love about this car. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but it is truly mine.

  • Cosmo7227

    cant you guys find a vehicle cheap enough for a poor man on disablity i meen im stuck out hrer in shiloh ,no stores no way to get to one and no one to take me!theres got to be someone out there that can spare an old clunker of some kind!please!!

  • MarkmBha


  • Dlcapece

    wow that was very mean you have no idea what having a disability is like obviously, I hope you can find out someday and then maybe no one would care about it 

  • Tje31483

    Not cool bro

  • Seyiris

    Sounds like Mark spends all of his time brown nosing his inner demons, lol. How’s that dark corner working for ya lil frankfurt?

  • Giggity

    “Having” a disability and “being on” disability are two different things, Dlcapece…

  • Fred

    ya gotta understand, there are SOOO many scams out there that start with someone in need. maybe you are maybe you aren’t, but me and probably most people are tired of being taken advantage of

  • Tinny234

    I have a disability…other people think my money should take care of them.

  • simpletony1

    I think you should relinquish your computer to somebody who gives a shit because you don’t; I suggest your time is coming. I pray this person has his need filled and only wish I could help and I don’t even have to know anything about him/her.

  • Andrew Schoeman

    The price of £14,115 is hardly what the average person will call Cheap.That is very expensive for a car of that size.
    Andy S

  • iogle

    Theres’s always a reptilian-brain asshole like MarkmBha around (below). Guaranteed he’s a republican!

  • Coltenparham

    “Provide for the general wellfare”

  • Ygaliardo6045

     that is a horrible thing to say to a person…you should ask for forgiveness  u r a very evil person

  • Dstrones

    I agree Dicapece,

    I survived a serious car accident in 2004, which put me in a coma for a month, and now am disabled for life.  MarkaBha is disabled, he’s a retarded self-centered a$$, who is obvioously a tea-bagger, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  “You have a computer” which he doesn’t know if the commentor is using a library computer to access the internet, shsows his MarkaBha’s other disability, stupidity.

  • Nathan

    Hey wait till you get older and they have to take away your keys! Who will be crying then?

  • Jman22357

    I have a disability due to my heart being on a fix income is nothing to joke about I made big money when I was able to work we the disabled need a raise one that keeps pace with a even exspanding wasteful feredal government stop the military industrial complex warring for profit to make politcians rich with billion dollar kick backs from war contractors in bed with the democtypts and the rebloodlicans

  • Petrovak1982

    Markipoo, first of all, you do not know that cosmo7227 has “a computer and internet.”  My family had to visit the library to access the internet because we could not afford a computer and internet.  I do not doubt that you call yourself a christian.  I have found throughout my life that self-professing christians are the most judgemental, falsely accusatory, hateful, browbeating, cowardly and nastiest people I have ever met in my life.  I prefer atheists any day.  At least they are peaceful, caring and understanding.

  • Petrovak1982

    Where are you?

  • twofatladies

    Does anyone out there that can comment about this car?

  • Dawnmarie95

    Those of us who have a disability need to accept the fact that eventually others will understand when they are diagnosed with something horrible or when a member of their family, be it a child, sibling, or parent, is diagnosed with something. Sometimes in a moment of desperation we may feel the urge to beg but we must ignore that urge. When we lose our life’s savings and find out who are real friends are we then understand the reality of life. More often than not the vast majority of our real friends are dead or too busy to help us and then we we try to get help from the government, even though we have no desire to and have shaken our heads when we have seen others do it, still others accuse us of “going after entitlements.” So, as a result, we confine ourselves to our homes and wait for death while trying to push ourselves to do things as minor as get groceries while utilizing mass transit. Taking an entire day to get groceries sounds absurd because it is but our friends are all busy with their own lives. Funny how occasionally we hear someone say “it must be nice” in reference to the fact that we are no longer working but do they not realize that we are suffering and simply waiting for death rather than living? Do they not know or realize that the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation in most states is a horrible sponge for monies that are often not used to assist those with disabilities to go back to work? Yes, would it not be wonderful if someone could give us a jalopy so that one day per week we could get groceries and not feel like death due to exhaustion? Yes, someone from my old church could probably help me, but oh, wait, they would resent that I receive entitlements. Please do not beg others for their car, please just pray that they someday understand without having to suffer as we have. It is not evil that they suffer from, it is sheer and incredible ignorance. I now must logoff as this is exhausting. God bless everyone this Christmas, even those who stand in judgement rather than try to as themselves WWJD.    

  • Dawnmarie95

    Please remember that you are not alone and that numerous people throughout our nation feel as you do. It is natural to feel incredible despair as a result of more than likely feeling confined to your home. I wish you peace and happiness and please know that there is kindness in this world; we must remember that many people, myself included, unfortunately, do not understand the horrific impact of having a disability, until it happens to them. 

  • MarkmBha

    Petipak, I live in Thailand (Bhuddist).
    Never assume!

  • Ruu73

    You are an asshole

  • Jennifer Langfeld

    I have a disability too….I’m epileptic w/Hashimoto’s Disease and have a service dog. I receive no disability, though I would most likely be approved for it. Fwiw, I easily afforded my Mazda2 (shares components with Ford Fiesta). That being said, this is the most ridiculous place to rant on that subject. Giggity, well put. You can have a disability and not collect a check and I don’t think your reply was “mean”. When my illness progresses to the point I cannot drive myself to my fairly crappy paying job, it’ll be time to hand over the keys, go on disability (my crap has no cure and is neurological), and not rant on an auto page.

  • huh

    How s this about the 10 cars?

  • huh

    I have the 2010 Aveo 5 door hatch. Love it. At the end of the year I rec’d numerous ads from dealerships as this was and is a sought after used car model. Fortunately or unfortunately I bought the car when a $2500 rebate was offered. Got a great trade on a clunker and reasonable finance rate. I can’t afford to get rid of the car even if I wanted to get a newer model. Would go for the Sonic or Yaris tho. Only 2 American companies in the list. Pitiful. I came this site to review cars not political opinions or personal stories. Stop posting on every site to get the story out. It muddies up the site and irks those of us who came here for specific info. It’s rude.

  • huh

    So , would you by the Sonic? How much would the Import fees increase the cost of the car?

  • huh

    I would love to. My son will be looking for a used car soon. I was wondering if anyone knows how these cheaper compacts hold up as far as maintenance and reliability.

  • StupidPeopleSuck

     Wow, shut up.  Bitter much?  Keep on topic and stop adding to the stupidity of society.  People like you are the reason it’s a pain to read forums and comments.  Stop bitching and grow up.

  • The King’s Witness

    God Bless you, dawnmarie95. My email is if you need someone to talk to. Many do not understand, but it seems as if you know the Christ. By his name you will be embraced, and by his name you will be refused.
    One day these troubles WILL pass, and you will be relieved. You will be relieved.

  • Yoursimplyjustdumb

    please please please fuck off and find a forum for people that are close minded and need to push there views on others.


    yes you too. FUCK OFF. you are an asshole. nobody cares about you. you suck. go cry to oprah if you your upset not a on a fucking page talking about cars you fuckin moron. once again do the world a favor a FUCK OFF!

  • Black

    I got a Lamborghini you cheapies

  • Waz up

    Your cool. Ahh stop it you’re making me jealous

  • Hi

    Calm your tits damn

  • Marci

    This has nothing to do with cars at all. Y’all are a mess. Lol

  • Renee Bane

    Finding the perfect economy car in my situation leads me to sites where people argue over others situations. Instead of fighting over disability or others incomes, car sites should be only about cars.

  • mg

    this is a year later…did you ever get that clunker cosmo?

  • Gravy

    If you got a Lamborghini than why would you be looking at this page?

  • Denny

    I find it funny how they say you can get a Nissan versa for 10,990, but when I go to the dealers around town they want 14,000 or 18,000 depending on the dearler. What the Fuck!!

  • Denny

    He didn’t really get a Lamborghini.. he is probably just kidding around. Why does everyone take things so serious all of the time. Lighten up!


    You know what.. you people are pathetic. I have a disability too. But I’m not on SSI or government help. I went back to school, yeah that’s right I’m poor too. But I’m doing for myself and not bitching about it on car site forums where you should be talking about cars. So why do you beggers and cry babies shut the fuck up and take your crying ass to another site where someone gives a shit and quit asking people to give you a fucking car!! And mr political talk.. there is always one that has to come in make everything political. Its a fucking car dude, not a god national budget! Get the fuck over yourself and take that shit to a political chat room. These peoples are trying to find out about cars… not your fucking problems!!!!


    Everyone has their problems. We don’t need to hear them on here. Talk to some charity organizations. No one is going to give you their damn car.

  • mike

    is the asian guy included in the kia rio?

  • PB Zep

    Dawn, I totally understand what you are saying. I’m going thru the same thing but maybe it is intended to make me more aware of how others are feeling and what they are going thru. And to do what I can to help them without being asked to do so. I hope the guy with a Fallmouth on this website comes to his senses before the world catches up with him also. And trust me it catches up with everyone.

  • A

    Wow, just wanted to know which car’s are the cheapest to buy…does anybody else?? We all have our problems and opinions, post them where appropriate and maybe someone will comment on if they have found any of these cars to have any particular problems or anything they may know about their performance. I was shocked that some of them don’t even have air! Ya’ll get back on point now. CARS!!

  • Suza Weaver

    Whenever you buy a car, you get those letters a yr later that they are looking for the car you bought and want ya to trade yours in.. its a scam….

  • justice

    I walk and I have over 468,000.00saved

  • The cheapest car to own is a simple to maintain car you can pay cash for. We paid $2400 for a Jeep Cherokee over three years ago. Runs like a champ, has never given us a problem. My husband does all the oil changes, etc. We also bought a $700 Ford truck with 48,000 original miles on it that purrs like a kitten three years ago also. Never a problem and my husband does all work on our vehicles. Nothing complicated, very cheap to insure, not bad on the gas. Best of all – no car payments! A car gets you from one place to another – period.

  • james

    Cheapest car to own = The one that lasts longer then 10 years and requires only routine maintenance. Most new cars like the ones on this list accomplish neither. My 12 year old Toyota Avalon costs just $35/month to insure full coverage (from Insurance Panda), and doesn’t break the bank at the gas pump either. Oh yeah, it never breaks down either!

  • Jean

    Well put!!!

  • Mike Peter Paul Dzema IV

    hey cosmo get a damm job ya bum

  • oregon111

    please use an auto-broker — their commission is waaaaaaaaay lower than any kind of negotiating you can do at the dealership – guaranteed

    I know cuz I went thru it all before

  • vvv

    forget about “take your from A to B”. I want confort, AC, sunroof, satellite radio… try staying stuck on a 2 hrs ride everyday and not going crazy. For me car is to enjoy as well. Not a piece of crap that might or not leave you stranded on the road.

  • Gary Amstutz

    I have a 2006 Toyota Matrix XR that I bought new and now have had for 12 years and I enjoy similar insurance rates. But now I have a teenager learning to drive and I am a little nervous about turning her loose in the mountains and the canyons with this ancient machine now approaching 200,000 miles. while it has never left me stranded I am wondering how long my good fortune can last.