Volkswagen Says No to NASCAR, Eyes ALMS and Grand Am

Volkswagen Says No to NASCAR, Eyes ALMS and Grand Am

With ambitions to control a larger slice of the American market, Volkswagen has confirmed its intention to participate in American motorsports despite earlier dismissing any immediate plans for NASCAR.

While a possible racing series to reconsider joining later in the future, NASCAR is currently viewed by VW as a costly series that would take away capital that may be better utilized for participating in racing elsewhere. Multiple alternatives are under careful consideration according to Bentley CEO and head of motorsports for VW Group Wolfgang Durheimer, who says, “The U.S. offers a variety of interesting race series.”

VW’s conquest will include WRC, as it is a globally popular rally championship series. Additional racing series in consideration include American Le Mans, Grand Am, Pike’s Peak, and Indy Car. Really, the only series that will not be considered is Drag Racing, according to Durheimer.

Publicity from motorsport success is one of the many ways Volkswagen will raise brand awareness in the United States. As VW group aims to grow into the largest automaker by the end of the decade, they’ve taken on the ambitious challenge of doubling sales in the United States.

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[Source: The Detroit Bureau]