Alfa Romeo Working On Lightweight Spider Aimed At Mazda MX-5

Alfa Romeo Working On Lightweight Spider Aimed At Mazda MX-5

With the previous generation Alfa Romeo Spider now firmly in the ground, Alfa is looking to the next generation, and reports indicate that it will be a substantial break from the last car (pictured above), based on the stunning but portly Brera sports coupe.

Alfa is eager to fast track the Spider in time for Alfa’s 2013 launch in North America. Brand recognition for Alfa Romeo remains high in the United States, thanks in part to Dustin Hoffman’s iconic Spider in the 1960’s classic film The Graduate. Power should come from a 1.7L turbocharged 4-cylinder making roughly 150 horsepower and weigh an amazing 2200 lbs.

[Source: AutoExpress]

  • bcs

    Lightweight, classy and maneuverable … sounds like Alfa is finding its roots again. Thank goodness! Can’t wait to see what the new car will look like. 🙂 Oh, and Alfa’s turbocharged 1,75L mill produces anything up to 230hp.

  • Ryan

    …i’ll be shocked if its not a spider version of the 4C. that car is supposed to weigh in at 1800-2000 lbs, and is supposed to have a 2.0L or smaller engine, producing power figures in the same neighborhood. Surely a spider version of the 4C will come, and when it does…wouldn’t it trample all over the sales of a 2nd model that has less power and more weight?

    silly decision if there’s 2 models for this weight / size / power.