Chevy Corvette Kisses The Curb At An Autocross Event [Video]

Chevy Corvette Kisses The Curb At An Autocross Event [Video]

Autocross is generally the safest form of motorsport you can participate in. Most courses are setup to focus on skillful driving rather than high speed passes, leveraging your vehicle’s handling and brakes more than its horsepower. Unfortunately for this Chevrolet Corvette, a cold track with cold tires meant a long, unintentional sideways slide into the curb.

And of course all the action is caught on video and immediately uploaded onto YouTube for the world to see. We’re going to guess this accident is partly driver error and partly (albeit, much smaller) bad course design. Even though the ‘Vette doesn’t seem like it’s going at any real fast rate when the accident occurs, there’s definitely some significant damage to the car, especially to the chassis.

Check out the video after the break.

[Source: Autoblog]

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