Classic Volkswagen Bus On Sale In Holland

Classic Volkswagen Bus On Sale In Holland

Holland hippie community rejoice! As of last month, Volkswagen‘s Dutch operations has debuted the 2012 model Volkswagen Bus. No, it isn’t the Bulli concept we saw earlier at Geneva, but the original Volkswagen Type 2, commonly known as the Bus or Combi.

The popularity and desirability of the classic van isn’t surprising. Current asking prices for the Bus have risen up to ten times the price of its original MSRP 30 years ago. But what’s more surprising is that new Volkswagen Buses are still being manufactured in Brazil. Overall, little has changed since the Type 2 was first introduced in the early 1970s. The exterior panels are identical, and even the door handles and headlights are left unchanged. Its gearbox is an outdated 4-speed transaxle and the Bus still uses drum brakes in the rear.

However, a crucial modification from the original is a 1.4 liter water-cooled inline-4 engine replacing the Type 2’s original air-cooled boxer 4. What’s more, the spare tire mount out in front is actually a radiator in disguise. Also, thanks to demands in the Brazilian market, the new 1.4 liter engine is capable of taking both ethanol and gasoline.

Sold as a camper, the Bus comes fully equipped with a gas stove, a water pump, a mini fridge, and a built-in oven. Seats will be identical to the original but the dashboard receives a modern makeover featuring an updated instrument panel. Additional options that are available include flatscreen TV with a DVD player, but don’t get too crazy. Prices for the 2012 Bus will start at a precious 44,995€ to 55,995€ ($61,000 to $76,000).

Available only in the Netherlands, the 2012 Bus can be registered anywhere in the European Union.

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  • Caludencias

    I love the VW Bus, I would love if there’s again in Mexico, no more confident car I have had in my life.