Dodge Ram 392 Quick Silver Is The Complete Pickup: 2011 SEMA Show

Dodge Ram 392 Quick Silver Is The Complete Pickup: 2011 SEMA Show

What’s better than a 2011 Dodge Ram R/T? Mopar Underground’s Ram 392 Quick Silver of course. The 392 6.4L HEMI V8-powered Dodge Ram made its presence known in the Mopar booth, tossing out the factory 5.7L V8 for the 470-hp counterpart. Boosting performance is a cold air intake, headers and a cat-back exhaust system courtesy of Mopar.

The bright silver pickup has been contrasted by bright red wheels, mirrors and a matching front grille. Smoked headlights and taillights further enhances the already menacing appearance while a subtle Mopar body kit really sets the Ram off.

Massive 15-inch rotors and six-piston calipers from Brembo gives the Ram plenty of stopping power, which is needed with the 22-inch wheels that are seen on each corner of the pickup. Clearly those looking for the perfect garage-mate for their Dodge Viper should be knocking on Mopar’s door to produce the Ram 392 Quick Silver.

GALLERY: Dodge Ram 392 Quick Silver

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  • blakcart

    This truck is hideous with the contrasting red, but stuffing the 392 in the 1/2 ton truck is the best idea yet. Dodge should offer this as a option for all trim levels!

  • SRTpro

    This truck is beautiful.. Besides the buffed up hood, I would deffinately drop 45 grand into this machine. If only they would put it into production. I agree with Blakcart, BEST IDEA YET!! Now build it 🙂

  • Leon Jagers

    RAM POWER….392. 470 HP.HHMM, HHHMMM,