Ford Says No To Small Pickups As GM Forges Ahead; Chrysler Undecided

Ford Says No To Small Pickups As GM Forges Ahead; Chrysler Undecided

Even as General Motors readies their new Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup, Ford and Chrysler are hedging their bets that consumers won’t return to the floundering small truck market, and continue to opt for full-size pickups instead.

General Motors has claimed that the new Colorado will do most of what a full-size truck can do with substantially reduced running costs. GM’s strategy appears to hinge on rising gas prices and a general trend towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. On the opposite end, Ford is killing off its Ranger pickup entirely, and will offer a replacement in world markets, but not North America. Thailand will be a big market for the Ranger (it’s the world’s largest mid-size pickup nation) and much of the Colorado’s development work was done there.

Studies have shown that the current mid-size truck entries are actually costlier to own once depreciation is factored in. Fuel economy advances in the full-size segment, along with the macho image of a full-size truck have helped contribute to the demise of the mid-size pickup.

Chrysler, which recently killed off their Dakota mid-size pickup, is still exploring whether to bring a new smaller truck to market, with spokesman Dave Elshoff telling Automotive News “We believe there is still a substantial market for small pickups,.. “We’re studying the demographics and business case for a small Ram pickup . [Source: Automotive News]

  • Dr Louis Choquette

    Ford said no to compact pickup trucks for the USA so I’ll have to say no to Ford!

  • mike

    most of fords 2013 ford cars and trucks have fire issues or a plethora of other recalls and more to come .better to just stay as far away from ford as possible!

  • Ken

    I agree. I drive a Ranger. When I went online to buy a new one, I found out that Ford is no longer making them for the U.S. market, but will overseas. Darned Chicken Tax will prevent them from bringing them back into the U.S. Wow, Congress, you are saving and hurting the Ford, the Nation, and Consumers at the same time. With no U.S. car companies making fuel efficient trucks for us, we have the send our brave men and women into harm’s way in order to fight for more oil. No wonder foreigners don’t like us. Guess I’m doomed to buy a Toyota.

  • Dr Louis Choquette

    If the USA didn’t need to depend on foreign oil, we wouldn’t have to cater to countries that are hostile toward us. Being oil independent would be the biggest and best thing we can do for our national security. Unfortunately, too many politicians cater to big oil because big oil fills the politician’s campaign coffers. The US buys more pickup trucks than any other vehicle. If we had more fuel efficient pickup trucks, we could make big inroads to being oil independent. VIA trucks is on the right path but the current $79K unit price will only work out financially for fleet buyers. Most hauling needs can be performed by smaller and more fuel efficient pickup trucks. Maybe we will get a real compact diesel pickup in the US when the Chicken Tax expires in 2016.