GM to Retake Top Spot as World’s Largest Automaker

GM to Retake Top Spot as World’s Largest Automaker

There may still be two months to go, but General Motors is all but certain to reclaim the title of World’s Largest Automaker for 2011. GM last held claim to producing the most vehicles back in 2007, and for the 76 years before that, before being ousted by Toyota in 2008. Toyota has since retained that position for two more years, with Volkswagen emerging onto the scene to be a major player.

In fact, success by VW and GM, along with faltering sales by Toyota (with a number of factors including this year’s earthquake and tsunami) will mean Volkswagen will most likely finish second, with Toyota slipping to third.

So far this year, GM’s sales total 6.79 million, a million ahead of Toyota’s 5.77 million units, with VW selling 6.17 million units.

Further down the list in fourth place is the combined totals of Nissan and Renault with 4.93 units, while the growing Korean juggernaut of Hyundai and Kia has amassed 4.73 million. In sixth place is Ford at 4.27 million units.

[Source: Bloomberg]