GMC Envoy Rumored to Return Based on Trailblazer Concept

GMC Envoy Rumored to Return Based on Trailblazer Concept

With Chevrolet recently revealing the new 2013 Trailblazer for global markets speculation has begun that GM could be considering a new Envoy for GMC based on the same platform.

It actually makes sense, considering that Chevrolet reportedly has no plans to bring the Trailblazer to North America as of today. Instead, building a new Envoy and letting GMC sell it exclusively would add another formidable midsize SUV to the truck brand. In the recent years, GMC has launched the new Terrain and some revised HD trucks, but that’s about it. Bringing back the Envoy could give GMC some attention and a unique product that fits into their truck brand.

GALLERY: 2013 Chevy Trailblazer Concept


[Source: GM Inside News]

  • Mike

    Is this rumor or speculation? Headline sounded like rumor. Article sounded like nothing more than speculation and hope.

  • MichEnvoyBoy

    FINALLY GM gets it!

    When they took away the GMT360/365 plat, they disappointed a lot of loyal customers. Bringing back the TB/Envoy will fill a niche in the market and Ive got to say – the redesign is beautiful! Cannot wait to test drive one when they come to US markets.

  • Josh

    I don’t like it. It just looks less like an SUV and more like a Crossover and it just looks like every other crossover out there today. I wish they would bring back the Traiblazer/Envoy with the same look as the old ones, just more updated.

  • Morgan Jalso


  • Courtneyccox86

    just build another envoy, i promise it when sell way more than this ugly trailvoy you guys r putting together

  • Morino090

    I agree I have a 2007 Envoy and would like another ENVOY.  If not next is the Jeep Grand Cherokee