Haynes Workshop Manuals Now Available Online [Video]

Haynes Workshop Manuals Now Available Online [Video]

If you’re  a car guy, then the name Haynes probably needs no introduction. The company, founded in Sparkford, Somerset, UK has produce a wide variety of workshop repair manuals for most popular makes and models of light vehicles over the last four decades. And many of us who like to tinker with cars probably have at least one or two stashed in the garage or basement.

However, until recently, Haynes manuals came strictly in the old fashioned pulp variety. Given the relentless march of the Internet through our lives and society, that’s all changed, with Haynes now offering some 50 of its best selling workshop books as digital editions.

The online versions are more than just simple PDF files, as they allow you to search for parts suppliers and incorporate videos of qualified mechanics performing the task at hand, giving a new dimension when it comes to figuring out certain aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance, thereby at least reducing, if not eliminating the trial and error approach most backyard do-it-yourselfers have to deal with at some stage.

Haynes offers users either a $25 one-year subscription or a lifetime one for just $30. Click below for a short demonstration on how the new digital manuals work.

Check out the video below

  • stewart peters

    i am looking for a honda vtx 1300 workshop manual. it is the chopper style motorcycle

    thanks and regards