Holden Commodore Production May Leave Australia

Holden Commodore Production May Leave Australia

Between 250 and 300 engineering jobs in Australia may disappear in the next two years if Holden stops producing its Commodore at home.

If the decision becomes final, it means a big change considering the company has designed, engineered and built the Commodore on Australian shores for 64 years.

In an interview with OptusZoo News, the chief engineers behind the Commodore confirmed that 2014 may be the last year the line is made in Australia. The decision likely came from owner General Motors in an effort to increase cost efficiency.

Australian Senator Kim Carr couldn’t confirm to Left Lane News what will happen to the jobs that will dissolve as a result of the change, but said the Australian government is discussing possible investment by GM in the country.

[Source: Left Lane News]

  • Shak

    Just a bit of a formality, but the current VE Commodore was the only one fully engineered, designed and built in Australia. The previous iterations were all just Opel platforms, heavily re-engineered to become the Commodore. Holden essentially did all of the work on the Current Zeta platform which underpins the most fun cars in the GM empire.

  • Smith

    Not 64 years. The Commodore hasn’t been around that long. It’s 64 years of large, Aussie built cars, like the Kingswood that came before.

  • joni den

    Ohh.. Commodore providing a lots of job in Australia ..it so nice..