Honda Civic’s U.S. Failure Is CEO’s Responsibility

Honda Civic’s U.S. Failure Is CEO’s Responsibility

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito stepped up and assumed responsibility for the Honda Civic’s miserable start in the United States, telling Automotive News that “The ultimate responsibility rests with me.”

The Civic was left off the Consumer Reports list of recommended vehicles, a rarity for any Honda product. Cheap interior materials were blamed, and many reviewers reported dull styling and driving dynamics as other disappointments. Civic sales are down 15 percent this year, and Honda product planners are hoping for a model refresh as soon as 2013, well ahead of Honda’s usual vehicle schedule.

While Honda decided to stick with a smaller footprint and reduced content for the new Civic (betting on a downward economy) competitors like Hyundai, Chevrolet and Ford went in the opposite direction, offering advanced features like backup cameras, self-parking, powerful engines and bold styling. This approach won out in the end, with the Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus reporting strong sales in the segment.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • bob

    Funny how they say they used to cheaper parts to account for the recession, but yet the price of the car isn’t cheaper? This car is actually more expensive than previous Civics for less quality. Who would play 25k for a crappy car like this?

  • Kong

    I couldnt agree more, this Civic is a letdown, it took them 8 years just to come up with this junk…..

  • Haseeb Hafeezuddeen

    I am horrified that Honda must have spent a couple of hundred million dollars to redesign the civic only to produce this?? this is bland, ugly and looks worse then the older model it replaces. If the CEO takes responsibility he should step down for bringing such a boring and ugly car to the market when they could have done a much better job. Replace the designers because even the Accord is being produced on the same pattern.