Honda CR-Z “Type-R” Confirmed

Honda CR-Z “Type-R” Confirmed

Honda is moving ahead with plans to deliver a higher performance version of the CR-Z. In fact, according to a report by Temple of Vtec, CR-Z project leader Norio Tomobe-san has confirmed the car is already in development.

The first rumors of a CR-Z “Type R” came from Honda itself, with the release of the CR-Z Hybrid R concept at least year’s SEMA Show, delivering 200-hp thanks to a turbocharged version of the standard engine. Fast forward 12 months and Honda once again had something to show at SEMA, this time a supercharged version of the factory 1.5-liter 4-cylinder Integrated Motor Assist hybrid engine. Honda PR reps have also hinted to AutoGuide that this supercharged version is the more likely path.

GALLERY: Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept



  • Moose

    glad its confirmed, but i hope that that terribly large, comical wing doesn’t make it into the production stage.

  • Me

    Nobody confirmed it’s going to be a Type R. Chances are it will be an Si. Which is still exciting news.

  • 8kRPM

    DITCH the stupid IMA. it only adds weight. what’s up with all the stress to make it a fu#king hybrid. i read somewhere it will weight something like 2800 lbs. fu#king wake up honda…for a car size of CR-Z that kinda weight is UNACCEPTABLE! Subaru BRZ makes almost double the power of current CR-Z and weighs around the same. THIS IS FU#KED UP Honda.

  • Caring Commenter

    Dear 8kRPM,

    All those extra ###’s make you look fat.


    Your Mother

  • RonnDing

    When will we be able to buy this thing!!!!!!

  • AmberVivicide

    I really hope they release this in the US and not leave us in the cold like usual. We couldnt even get back seats…even for kids or dogs…nor a sunroof. This car is gorgeous but really needs to have more options and I believe it would sell amazing. There is nothing else out there that looks like this car. Im in love…well almost!