Honda Electric Sports Car, AC-X Plug-in Hybrid Concepts Revealed: Tokyo Motor Show Preview

Honda Electric Sports Car, AC-X Plug-in Hybrid Concepts Revealed: Tokyo Motor Show Preview

Honda has revealed an extensive list of debuts for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, with the main attraction being an electric sports car concept. Called the “Small Sports EV Concept” Honda promises it will be “fun to drive with excellent environmental performance”.  Apart from that teaser, little else has been divulged.

Two other concept cars will also make an appearance, the AC-X and a Micro Commuter Concept. The AC-X is a look Honda’s new plug-in hybrid technology, leaving behind the brand’s archaic Integrated Motor Assist setup. It will come with an “automatic drive mode” for regular driving and an “engine drive mode” for spirited driving.

The final concept is the “Micro Commuter Concept” and is the sort of strange concept car we’ve come to expect from the Tokyo Motor Show. It’s a look a a futuristic personal commuter and takes personal commuting to the next level, fitting the Honda Motor Compo two wheel electric bike (also debuting in Tokyo) inside it.

One production model that will be revealed is the N BOX, the first from a new ‘N Concept’ line of mini cars.

In addition to these three cars (and the Motor Compo), Honda will also show off the E-Canopy, an electric version of the automaker’s three-wheeled scooter, the Townwalker (essentially a foldable electric personal wheelchair), plus the stunning RC-E, an electric super sports bike.

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GALLERY: Honda AC-X Concept

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