Hyundai Considering Turbocharged V6 Says Powertrain Boss

Hyundai Considering Turbocharged V6 Says Powertrain Boss

With the debut of a new 5.0-liter Tau V8 in the Genesis Sedan R-Spec and rumors that it will find its way under the hood of the Genesis Coupe, Hyundai isn’t necessarily committed to eight-cylinders. That’s not surprising as the industry moves towards forced induction options like turbocharging and supercharging in order to deliver ideal power levels with reduced fuel consumption.

At a recent product preview and engineering tech session at Hyundai Motor America’s technical center in Ann Arbor, MI, powertrain boss John Juriga admitted that a turbocharged version of the company’s 3.8-liter V6 (offered in both the Genesis coupe and sedan) is a possibility for the future. “The 3.8 is a contender for turbocharging for some high-output applications,” he said. In fact, Juriga did one better, going on to comment that such an engine already exists and is undergoing testing. Speaking with AutoGuide, Jurega qualified that statement, commenting that the Hyundai engineering team is constantly exploring new engine options and that the existence of a prototype is no guarantee that such an engine will make it into production.

Expanding on Juriga’s comments, HMA CEO John Krafcik indicated that the Korean automaker is currently at a crossroads as to its future engine plans for its high-performance and premium models. Krafcik referenced the brand’s two SEMA Show Genesis Coupe concept cars, one powered by a 5.0-liter V8, the other by a supercharged 3.8-liter V6. The two cars, he explains, were built to generate feedback, to see which method of power delivery is preferred, with the more traditional high-displacement V8 versus the forced induction option.

“We’re looking for feedback from you folks,” said Krafcik, speaking to the assembled journalists. AutoGuide was obviously more enamored with the V8 option when we got a chance to see both cars at the SEMA Show, although a turbocharged V6 option, versus a supercharged one, might change that. Let us know what you’d rather drive in the comments section below.

  • Eric E

    As a owner of the current 3.8L I would say a turbo v6 would be the best platform for this car.

  • J. Tilley

    You want our feedback?… Make the 3.8T!! I own a 2010 3.8 right now and I would gladly upgrade to the turbo model.

  • Jim

    As much as I would love a V8. I think a Turbo 6 is the most logical way to move. We don’t just want power we want to get as much punch per MPG as well……..

    Also, PLEASE consider AWD 🙂

  • Chuck

    I with out a doubt would trade in my 3.8 track in for a V8 coupe. I love my GC, I sold my SRT8 challenger when I saw the GC. I had a 2010 sonata for my daily driver. I combined my fun of driving into one car. I really miss the power of my SRT especially since I put a kenne bell SC on it. If they go the way of turbo make it a twin!!! 🙂 TT AWD PLEASE!!!!

  • Dereck

    As a current owner of a 2.0T and having driven the 3.8.. 3.8T is the best option for this car. Also a 2.0T AWD version would be awesome.

  • Al

    I would prefer the V8 but if a V6 turbo is approved that will be OK with me. I am not much into all wheel drive even though I live in New England.

  • Mike

    Being that Hyundai wants a bigger slice of the automarket pie. I’d say stay with the origianl concept of this can to go after the RWD pony cars. (Mustang,Camaro, Charger, etc.) and get the V8. Looking at the sale numbers of these other V8’s and knowing that there is already a solid buying market for them. Having a V8 RWD would push this car also into the market of aftermarket racing parts for drag racing and who knows Nascar possibly. Look what it did for Toyota.

  • Mohamed Sheikhaldeen

    V8 V8 V8 V8 V8 V8 V8 V8! yeah i said that eight times, nothing is like a the AMG-grunt of the Tau V8 with a magnaflow catback! would die to have that on a genesis coupe; thanks to RMR! (that doesn’t look like the pig out of angry birds, please fix that; i beg of you!)

    Natural Aspiration over any-sort of forced induction any day. also forged internals to let the forced induction to the after-market

    i own a ’11 ZF Track ed, not just that am also responsible for several other buys, thats says the least of how enthusiastic i am about my BK!

  • Tom W

    5.0l V8.

    I’m done with turbocharged engines. Couple the V8 to a 6-speed manual and do it pronto; before I pull the trigger on a Mustang Boss 302 !!!

  • Darrin Stojevich

    I’m surprised to see so many turbo fans! The turbo would be cool, but I could go buy a 3.8 coupe and put a twin turbo kit on it for an extra $5,000. I would much rather see a V8! Having driven several 3.8’s and the new sedan with the 5.0, I think the V8 is the obvious choice. Not only because the aftermarket argument but also because the 3.8 isn’t the best sounding or reving motor that I’ve driven, can you imagine a coupe with 450 bhp and the grumble of a V8?!?! The V8 would be the best sports car value period! Can you even imagine a turbo’d V8?!?!

  • xingwei

    I prefer supercharged oneeeeeeee!!!

  • talan7

    A v8 would make this car into a muscle car. Handling would be sacrificed, but the sound and the feel…yeah.

  • wiscowhip

    I would definitely go for the 3.8T without a doubt! I am graduating college in spring and am getting my first new car. If its true i would wait out for this if it is not too far off or just trade in ASAP.

  • Karl

    Please Do build this V8! If Hyundai is worried about the CAFE average, build a strictly limited series with all the right performance parts to make it a real Porsche Killer. Price is not important; performance and image gains are! Go road racing with a FIA GT3 V8 in USA and internationally (LeMans!)!! PlEEEEEEEEEEEEASE:)

  • AG

    When I got my 3.8 last year, I said shortly afterwards to myself: “Wish I had a V8” 🙂

  • stan

    V8!!!!!! With cylinder deactivation perhaps AWD. Its a sports car isn’t it? BUILD IT AND THE MASSES WILL COME! 🙂

  • chas

    V8…instant power and with the weight of the couple, the MPG should be there as well.

  • Fenaleyess

    Turbo or Supercharger for me. Keep it under $35k, TDI, mate it with a Dual Clutch Transmission, shed 150 lbs, Refine the drive by wire and you have my perfect car!

  • D Jacobs

    3.8 with a supercharger or turbocharger. I would like to see a dual air intake and AWD. If these options became available in the Grand Tourer (under $35K) I would trade in my 2010 3.8 GC immediately. One added styling bonus would be no b-pillar.

  • Clant.

    Please a V8 would be very nice, I have the 3.8 now and love it!! My wife loves the car, but hates the pass. side seat, extremely uncomfortable!! SO, how about a Good Quality seat for the wive’s, as on option! Keep up the Wonderful work!!, Hyundai!

  • maury

    I just traded in an STI and I bought a 3.8 Genesis. I will modify it. A 3.8 Turbo will blow the doors off of a 5.0 naturally asperated. How about a 5.0 Turbo? Dont go with GDI and have at least a forged crank. Make cam blanks available.

  • Silverstone 3.8 track

    The genesis can only have a 3.8 turbo or a v8 supercharged! Get rid of the 2.0 and the 2.0 turbo! I own a 3.8 gt track! Daddy wants more power

  • Clant.

    I just wanted to give You some feedback on the NEW Coupe, I Like the increase in Horsepower, but I DON’T like the NEW styling, The front end, is NOT very appealing!! I prefer the styling of my 2010 3.8 much better!! Well hopefully, by 2015, when I’m ready to trade up, to a newer version, You will change the styling, for the better!! Thank you!

  • Cobra21

    A turbo charged V6 or a high performance V8, I would welcome either!   A more comfortable passenger side seat for my wife would be definately welcomed!,similar to the drivers seat! Thank you!

  • Sam cox

    I have the 2012 5,0 R spc in the genesis sedan and the 2013 coupe in the 3,8  After driving both cars for over 3000 miles each, either option would fit just fine.  Hp is Hp. I would lean just a tad toward the V8 only because I know what it will do !!!!!! 

  • Jamesburton003

    Id like the turbo v6. Leave the v8 for the american muscle. Although a genesis coupe with the v8 would be awesome if you can sustain good fuel economy atleast 25 mpg on hwy.

  • Potzi!

    Why not go for a complete redesign based on real world scenarios and track drivers opinion. It’s supposed to be a luxury sports car so set up a RELIABLE adjustable suspension for comfort and sport. Focus on delivering more power from the four cylinder engine, perhaps with another turbo or a different setup. Set the engine back and down a bit to lower center of gravity and trim some of the fat. Cut the weight down and try to keep the price down with it. Try to deliver more efficiency and power with something to the effect of Mazda’s Skyactiv engines. (Definitely NOT suggesting the exact same technology) Why not set a new benchmark, $%&& the V8 and leave the V6 as an option. Learn from what has worked so well from automotive manufacturers around the world. Hyundai obviously has the ability to redirect as they have proven it so readily in the past. They need to really read into the feedback from the mature and honest drivers they have captivated and make something marvelous. Put the 370Z and the Scion FRS in their place and mop the floor with the Mustang by making something beautifully suited to the balance point a midst them. All they have to do is open their eyes and find some inspiration and tune into they’re own endeavors and the legends of sport. It may sound ridiculous… but look what Nissan did with the GT-R. It’s doesn’t need to be like it, but a salute to it’s value and ingenuity. They have the right base, they just need to find the appropriate spices. 

  • tank

    Either would be nice in the coupe, But I’m a hp junkie so I would like a supercharged v8. If this happened for the coupe, I would have a new one tommorow!!!

  • rickjames

    I say less displacement more indution, maybe a twin charged motor? Like a super and turbo four? I’ve heard good and bad things about that 5.0 V8, and since the majority of people who put V8’s in gens use a LS searse I’d say stick with the four base and the six, focus more on handling(I hate to say this but driving a gen feels like a RWD chrysler seabring) keep the current price and drop a few more pounds, and hey if hyundai feels like a twin turbo “coff”hint “coff” hint or a super charged limited edition I’d suggest they try that first in small numbers…rember the supra, it was a decent sport car then toyota was like “blam sport/border line super car” then a few years later they where gone and so was the rest of the turbo toyotas

  • Roberdev

    I officially love the coupe option so any speed would do but the faster the better…lol def supercharger

  • Vinnie699

    I wanna see the v8 make it into production. Step up Hyundai! I have owned 2 gc 3.8 gt tracks. Step up! It’s time to blow the competitor’s away! You make it I will buy it!

  • It would be nice of the big boss thought about other things like the crappy brembo brake system, terrible interior noises plagued with rattles and poor quality. What about the terrible orangepeel in the paint job? etc….. work on perfecting the existing designs before moving on and letting everybody have to live with a sucky canadian warranty.

  • Krush22

    I would like to see a 400 hp 3.8 turbo Hyundai coupe under $40k. This would send the Auto Makers back to the drawing board with improvements. Hyundai has a knack for building beautiful cars, It seems on the Genesis Coupe front end that the Genesis Group fell asleep on this design. Oh yes, gas mileage out of the teens for this 400 hp model. Make it… Do it… It’s not a car, It’s Hyundai…

  • morgan

    Turbo/Super charged, which ever, as long as it reaches to 450+ Hp. I want to see the continued options of suspension/exhaust/wheels/rims to match the real wheel drive ! Also lets move the colour options out of the mundane. That includes both interior and exterior ! It’s nice to go fast and test limits of traction, but if I can’t look different than all the others what’s the point.