New Porsche Supercar to be Built on Audi R8 Platform

New Porsche Supercar to be Built on Audi R8 Platform

Porsche‘s new supercar, targeted squarely at the Ferrari 458, might be borrowing its underpinnings from the next-gen Audi R8.

The German sports car manufacturer is already well on its way to developing the part-carbon fiber car, though what they have so far borrows heavily from Audi. It’s not something Porsche is happy about, but Volkswagen, their parent company, sees sharing the underpinnings of the R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo as an easy way to save costs.

Despite corporate orders preference, Porsche may actually delay releasing its car until the 2020s in order to build it with a bespoke chassis. If they decide to adopt the R8 chassis, it would mean their new car could be on the market next to the second generation R8, versus hitting the market beside the third generation with custom underpinning.

[Source: AutoCar]

  • Gregg

    So if the car uses the R-8’s under-carriage, it really isn’t a true Porsche, right? Thanks VW.

  • Steve


  • Tom Eilenberg

    Danke, aber nein…

    Why even bother with that approach? I’d rather see Porsche try to do more with less (modify an existing platform to accommodate a 10-cylinder boxer) than to accept an “Iron Chef” challenge to impress the bean-counting panel with its masterful rendering of this common ingredient.

  • LS

    And the fools thought that they will remain independent!
    Despite the cost savings it will come in 50% above the Ferrari. Why bother indeed!?

  • jk

    hmmm, more VoPos. I don’t think this will suffer from the 914/6 issue, or even the 924 issue…
    But I’m not sure that that Gallardo is hurting because the R8 was spun off it; however, I’m not sure that the same can be said of the Porsche Super Car.