Nissan Cube Remains In Lineup Despite Weak Sales

Nissan Cube Remains In Lineup Despite Weak Sales

Despite recently weak sales, Nissan is adamant that the Cube “has found its place in the market” and will keep it in its lineup even though they haven’t mentioned a word about a next-generation model.

When the Cube was first introduced in 2009, it sold 21,000 units while 2010 followed up with 23,000 units. For 2011 though, Nissan has sold just a mere 13,850 units through October. Only 198 Cubes were sold in the month of October.

Brian Carolin, head of Nissan North America’s sales, claimed that the Cube’s demand rose when gas prices went up and that Nissan was having a tough time keeping up with demand. And even though one could argue that the Cube’s year-to-date sales is weak due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a parts shortage earlier this year doesn’t explain its horrible October sales.

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[Source: Autoblog]