Nissan Leaf NISMO is an Electric Tuner Car: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan Leaf NISMO is an Electric Tuner Car: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

While Honda and Toyota have been messing around with electric car concepts for quite some time now, Nissan has been selling the Leaf EV for a whole year now. Aiming to display its expertise in electric vehicles, the company’s Tokyo Motor Show display included a slew of emissions free models, ranging from the PIVO 3 personal commuter, to the stunning ESFLOW sports car.

Sharing the stage with those is the Leaf NISMO, tuned by the brand’s motorsports division. With Nissan having already announced a Leaf NISMO RC race car, purpose built for track duty, this is more of a street tuner version, sporting custom aerodynamics, some 18-inch wheels and an upgraded (and lowered suspension).

Nissan hasn’t officially announced any performance upgrades, although some reports indicate a slight bump in power for the NISMO version.

It may be just a concept for now, but if Nissan gets serious about electric cars in motorsports, then you can expect NISMO parts for electric cars to follow.


Nissan Leaf NISMO 01.JPGNissan Leaf NISMO 04.JPGNissan Leaf NISMO 06.JPGNissan Leaf NISMO 07.JPGNissan Leaf NISMO 08.JPGNissan Leaf NISMO 02.JPG


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