Ram Truck Is The Official Truck Of The Detroit Red Wings

Ram Truck Is The Official Truck Of The Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings, one of the most decorated hockey teams and the winner of the most Stanley Cup Championships ever, announced that the Ram 1500 Express 4X4 Crew Cab is named the “Official Truck of the Red Wings.”

In partnership with the Great Lakes Business Center and local Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealers, the Red Wings Ram will featured Red Wings logged front-seat headrests, optional Red Wings embroidered leather seats, “Detroit Red Wings Edition” graphics on the tailgate and rear ed sides and will come in red, white, or black. Red Wing Rams will only be available in limited amounts at local Ram dealers.

Director of the Great Lakes Business Center, John Plecha, says, “The Red Wings and the Ram share the same values of hard work, toughness, and the determination to win. It is this passion that the brand captures in new creative elements produced specifically for our partnership and built off of Ram’s successful Guts Glory campaign.”

This partnership will not only materialize in a special edition truck, but a whole marketing front that includes television and radio spots, billboards, and newspaper print ads, and a new in-arena chant, “HEMI! POWERED! HOCKEY!” to get the people going.

  • Mike

    Danny, check your facts a bit better. The Redwings havent won the most championships ever. In fact its the Montreal Canadiens. Im not even a fan of either of those teams, but the Canadiens have the Wings by more then two fold.

  • Danny

    Thanks for the correction Mike. I don’t watch hockey but I wanted to address the Red Wings’ success. I misinterpreted the Stanley Cup and the NHL Championship as two different entities.

    Wikipedia, “As of 2011, the Red Wings have won the most Stanley Cup championships (11)of any NHL franchise based in the United States, and are third overall in total NHL championships, behind the Montreal Canadiens (24) and Toronto Maple Leafs (13).”