Right-Hand-Drive Jeep Wranglers Recalled for Airbag Issues – in the US

Right-Hand-Drive Jeep Wranglers Recalled for Airbag Issues – in the US

When you think of right-hand-drive Jeep Wranglers, no doubt an obvious reference would be those sold in export markets such as the UK, Ireland, Japan or the Pacific Rim.

However, this particular recall actually affects some 5,334 vehicles in the United States; consisting of 2008-2012 models, primarily used for postal delivery on rural routes, where right-hand-drive vehicles are often employed because they provide more convenient access to roadside mailboxes.

In fact, the recall centers around driving conditions in such areas, citing the fact that dusty roads can allow dirt to enter the airbag clockspring assembly, causing the airbag light on the dash to come on.

“Following field investigations by our engineers, it was determined that the condition is being caused by the dirt, dust, rain, etc., that the interior is exposed to when letter carriers lower their windows frequently,” said Chrysler Group’s David Dillon, who heads up Product Investigations and Campaigns for the company.

So far, no accidents or injuries have been reported on the airbag issue, though Chrysler has said it will inform owners of the affected vehicles late this month, though at present, a fix still hasn’t been determined.

  • Patrick Buick

    So what about the left-hand drive ones that see dusty roads, frequent door opening and window opening to deliver papers? Or the ones that actually off-road and see dust, mud and water? My wife’s clockspring seems to be going, but of course, no recall!

    Perhaps I can get David Dillon’s email and email him to bring attention to the fact that the only ones that may be “safe” (until they are old) are the pavement princesses.

  • Kelly Jarman

    I have a 2009 RHD Jeep Wrangler – I have already had to have this fixed, cost over $200 – now b/c of this article – I want my money back….

  • Russ

    I also have a 2009 jeep wrangler unlimited RHD that i already had the airbag light clockspring fixed at a tune of $399.10 I want my money back for this recall also any ideas?

  • Gail Watson

    I have a 2009 Wrangler Unlimited RHD and have had the airbag light clockspring replaced 3 times, most recently about 3 months ago. Since this had already happened twice Chrysler took care of this but they did not tell me there was a recall and then they told me they would not do anything else to help me.. I also have a problem with my gas overflowing when filling the tank. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Julie Peck

    Gail! Your gas tank is covered, make them look it up. I had to find it for them in order for them to get it fixed but it is covered!

  • Adro

    I recently was involved in an automobile accident with a 2011 Wrangler left hand drive. I was driving down an interstate when a person in the left lane hit a “Light Truck” tire still on the rim at 60 mph shooting it directly at me causing me to hit it,go air born for a second,then lose control and run into the concrete retainer wall at roughly 50mph smashing the front of the Jeep so hard it snapped the front axle.The airbag did not deploy and I hit the steering wheel even while wearing my seat belt. I am a firm believer that pretty soon Jeep will be recalling a lot more than just the RHD 2011 model Wranglers for this “Airbag” recall.

  • Deosai2003

    I’m looking forward to buy right hand drive. Could you please let me know the dealers address and their phone no.

  • Abdul

    I m looking forward to buy wrangler CJ-7 jeep right hand dashboard. If any one know the dealers address and their contact no  please help me.