Saab Fans Occupy GM Facebook Page

Saab Fans Occupy GM Facebook Page

Even as the Occupy movement is being disbanded around the world, one branch of the movement just had a resurgance, as Saab fans “occupied” the Facebook page of General Motors.

Saab fans blame GM for holding up the sale of Saab to their potential saviors – whoever they may be (so far it’s been Russian businessmen, American private equity investors and now, a Chinese automaker) but GM has expressed concerns about intellectual property getting into the wrong hands. GM definitely has a point, and we’re not sure if juvenile tactics like this will help advance the cause of Saab fans. Perhaps the opposite.

  • jones the saab

    So the saab saga continues, its like watching paint dry. Suggest saab enthusiasts buy the company and start anew initially here in G.B.

  • Mitch

    GM you almost ruined Saab because of your incompetence now it is time to let it define it’s own future without your interference. I will never buy a GM vehicle in my life time if you don’t.

  • Martin Rounthwaite

    No new models in 12 years, chronic under-investment, cheap plastic cars made under gm ownership with parts not up the job slugging issues, then you have the cheek to say Saab never made money, they never had a chance under your ownership. What GM secrets might be disclosed, how to make a car with cheap aluminium engines that suffer from slugging and fail in vast numbers putting customers off saabs for good. 9 – 5 owners have solved this by installing the 9000 engine bottom end because they were properly engineered. GM are tarnishing their reputation in the UK for good. No one should buy their cars period !