Saab Suitor Vladimir Antonov Arrested In England

Saab Suitor Vladimir Antonov Arrested In England

Vladimir Antonov, the Russian “businessman” who attempted to buy Saab earlier in the year, has been arrested in England over charges of involvement in a massive money laundering scheme in Lithuania.

Antonov, owner of Portsmouth F.C. (a British soccer team) and his partner Raimondas Baranauskas, were released on bail and ordered to surrender their passports. Both are due to be extradited to Lithuania, where authorities say the two embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from Lithuanian bank Snoras.

Antonov previously tried to buy Saab, but his attempts to purchase it were disrupted by creditors and other parties, amid allegations of financial impropriety.

[Source: The Bellingham Herald]

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    CPP is struggling with cash flow, and have not paid it’s employees wages or its coventry blaze sponsorship. They’ve been living in a web of untruth, what with never owning Spyker, and not having a hope in hell of building any cars at Browns Lane. Mr O’toole is deluded and doesn’t have a clue on how to run an automotive OEM. He’s got creditors biting at his heels and is regularly threatened with court actions. He’s a fraud, and clueless when it comes to running a successful business.