Subaru BRZ STI Concept is Tuned-up Without the Turbo (or AWD): 2011 LA Auto Show

Subaru BRZ STI Concept is Tuned-up Without the Turbo (or AWD): 2011 LA Auto Show

A characteristically un-Subaru Subaru, the BRZ STI concept is our first look at the upcoming production sports car, which was co-developed with Toyota.

Painted in typical WR Blue Pearl (the Subie fanboys wouldn’t have it any other way), as a concept, and an STI concept, it’s a wilder looking version of what we’ll expect from the street car that will bow at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

With a boxer engine that’s low down and front-mid-mounted, the car’s center of gravity is already excellent. This concept improves on that, however, with a carbon fiber roof. Until now all the Toyota FT-86 concepts have sported 17-inch wheels, although this car gets 18s, plus a massive rear spoiler and aggressive front splitter.

Subaru will hold a press conference later today to “officially” announce the car. Stay tuned to see if they release any new details then.

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  • Tonka

    Love it! Cannot wait till I can actually get it! About time Subaru made a coupe again 🙂

  • Rob

    Truly beautiful car – nice job Subaru. Looks better than the FR-S now.

  • Goot

    Thats not a Subaru, a joke I mean a toyota with a subaru badge. Add 6 mt, AWD, Turbo, and a slick hood scoop, and you do have a sick suabau. But till then, might as well put a toyota emblem and call it a supra.

  • Michael

    Please build the Subaru BRZ STI with all-wheel drive,or offer the BRZ with all wheel drive.
    lt would not be Subaru without all wheel drive!!

  • Ramon

    Leaving it all will drive will bring this car over the top.

  • Spike

    If subaru offers a trimline with a turbo and AWD I’ll buy it. Otherwise I’ll probably buy the toyota version. Simple as that. Please subaru make an AWD turbo’ed trimline!

  • Chris

    This is NOT a subi. . if it had awd and a turbo itd be a beast! Why not give it that beauty of a 320hp turbo boxter four with its historically amazing awd system? Lame

  • Mike

    Eh, AWD, turbo, what are you guys on about? It’s a great driver’s car as is. RWD and NA is far superior.

  • ownage

    they already made the car you’re all talking about this is a RWD drivers car
    like the world has not seen since the e30 m3, the 197hp version with 170ft
    pounds of torque mated to an engine with an almost suicidal lust to be rev’ed
    gawd i’d never buy a subi, i luff bimmers but we have to look over our shoulder
    on the thruway now :>

  • subifanatic

    AWD + Turbo Charged Boxer = STI. they cannot make a RWD STI it is against the subaru way

  • Jamie Graham

    So I gotta say Super excited! It reminds me a little of the Honda s-2000 which was so much fun to drive! The only issue I have is ALL SUBARU’s ARE AWD!!!!!!! SO what happened here?!?!?!? I have to agree with what the majority of these comments are saying… They MUST MAKE AWD AVAILABLE!!!! otherwise it’s not a true subaru!! I own a 2011 impreza sport and one thing subaru really does right is makes a really frickin fun AWD car! I mean this impreza only has 170hp I up’d it a bit with some K&N intake components but it’s still under 200hp and still fun as heck! So please please please bring out the BRZ in AWD!!! Subaru’s need to continue to conquer snow!

  • mircea

    I will buy the car tomorrow if It had AWD, with all the deep snow and -20’s Celsius days that lasts for weeks at a time durring the winter months in Edmontin, AB