Top 10 Worst Cars of SEMA: 2011 SEMA Show

Top 10 Worst Cars of SEMA: 2011 SEMA Show

5. Evil Ice Cream Truck

What exactly is going on here? We’re not sure. Although we are scared. Looking like something from a child’s nightmare after eating a few too many Klondike bars, this wildly styled ice cream truck is downright sinister. The truck itself is the work of LA-based graffiti and tattoo artist Mr Cartoon (Mark Machado).

GALLERY: Mister Cartoon Ice Cream Truck


  • Leungy

    The porsche one is a 350z or 370z

  • Matthew

    #1 is from columbia as in DC, or Columbia as in Colombia?

  • your mom

    this JIMMY is immaculate. this website is half way to retarded

  • Mick Oxbig

    The Jimmy is a Daily Driven work of art. If you don’t like it go back and take some pictures of the Vista Cruiser you got there in Moron.

  • The Man

    if you dont like minitrucks then f#ck you !

  • jenn

    This is dumb. Number 2 is a 350z with a conversion kit. And it is immaculate with VIP modular wheels. This list must have been made by an idiot.

  • Nikki

    Ok I like the Tron Audi and the Porsche, the rest are just not my taste. To each their own!

  • Your a douche Colum

    Lets start with this idiots name, Colum-like steering column? But spelled incorrectly like the many words F$cked up by Mr douche Wood. I love these guys who go to SEMA and have no idea of what they are looking at. This d-bag has probably pulled up in his moms prius never having changed a spare tire let alone customize anything other than his character on World of Warcraft. I don’t know who I’m more upset with, this idiot or the editor for this stupid ass website that let him post this article.

  • Ayves

    I know that every article’s author has an opinion, but sir, this opinion is fucking shit. I agree, Jimmy trucks turned into lowriders is fucking childish and stupid. They are a shit vehicle. Nobody thinks you’re cool for ricing one out.

    That ice cream truck is fucking epic. So fuck you, and your shitty fucking article and website.

  • sinic

    Mr Cartoon is a legend.
    never gonna check this site again.
    research the cars you wanna rip on!

  • Lostro

    Riced out is a racist comment and I’m offended

  • tintguy

    The Jimmy is a fine example of the current trends in the Minitruck and Hot Rod community. Diffrent is good, whoever made this list didn’t get their money’s worth out of college.

  • milos

    so far from a panamera…. learn something about cars.


  • your #1 fan

    Obviously you are a close minded homo who doesn’t know shit about cars. Yes, some of the cars on your list might be pretty bad, but that GMC is by far one of the cleanest out there. How many cars there drove halfway across the country on their own power? Where is your car? I didn’t see any pictures of it from Sema.

    BTW, go invest in rogaine… You look like a cancer patient.



  • Mark in Illinoise

    That blazer is on of the CLEANIST minis out there today and the steven drives it everyday rain,snow it doesnt matter so the retard that wrote this article needs to be draged out back and get the shit kicked out of him. Not to mention this truck was just on the cover of MINI TRUCKIN for gods sake

  • dusty from illinois

    Ya that things sick I second the fact that whoever wrote that is an idiot

  • Swapmeet

    1. The blazer is nice enough to grace the cover of a national publication. You know, one thats in print…
    2. Thats not a ZR1, look at the intake fool!!! Thats right, intake, not a supercharger to be seen. Yes the doors are a mess, but for gods sake, how can you make a worst cars list when you don’t know anything about cars?

  • American made american owned

    All of these belong on here, except maybe the ice cream truck just because it would make an awesome joke! haha that low rider blazer is a piece. SUVs and trucks=raised cars=lowered (if its going to be auto-crossed that is) All of these are either riced or riced on top of big rims. Its like a 15 year old with a ton of his parents cash designed them right after playing Need for Speed

  • Eddie

    Some people just have no taste. What the hell are they even doing there? I agree, all of these suck.

  • To Mr. America

    To the guy above this post… What the hell do you drive? You’re just another winner who doesn’t know anything about cars. Sounds like your mom got riced and shit you out in Korea or something. There is nothing rice about that GMC. Obviously you need to put your head back in your ass and keep your comments to yourself. No one on this list is 15, much like yourself, so even if you had the cash you probably couldn’t think of anything this unique. So, go back in your trailer and keep dreaming.

  • Matt

    The GMC is probably nicer than anything you have ever had. You should probably shut your man pleaser and keep quite. Obviously you and Mr. Wood don’t know anything about custom cars. So go back to your trailer and stick to driving your neon.

  • Joe

    Wow, We can see this is an american site for sure, the whole point of SEMA is about custom cars and creations apart from new products being introduce in the industry. Its funny how closed minded autoguide is and the internet world. Although some of those are over the top, it doesnt mean they are ugly. where if its different our old asses will hate.

  • Hater

    Wow so many people defending the jimmy. Must be a lot of country folk on this website. The wheels are atrocious. The color scheme is hideous. That stupid raised hood belongs on a mustang slowback. It has a shopping list of parts on the back window that puts it in ricer category. Also in ricer category are modifications that hinder performance. i.e. slamming a truck to the ground defeats the whole function of owning a truck. Maybe I need to get out of the city and spend a few years tipping cows to like something like that.

    I’m amazed at how many people are defending this one truck so passionatley. Dont act as if this truck is that much better than the others on this list. They all belong in the worst of show category.

  • BrownDogg

    That is a 350z… wow, poor car

  • daniel

    i’ve seen some bad list, but this guy is way off. I bet he’s the kind of guy that drools over fully stocked cars and thinks air bags are only for lowriders. This list was a waste of time.

  • Jayme

    Colum Wood doesn’t like anything that’s not either a.) from the factory, or b.) that isn’t bolt on. Anything else is beyond his mechanical ability.

  • Kb

    this list is ridiculous. that Jimmy was MINT!
    the C6 convertible with the ZR1 kit was beautiful minus the doors.
    This list sucks as does the whack show “Car Crazy”. USELESS, leave the car business because you guys clearly do not know what you are doing.


    We dont know what the guy that did this list was thinking on. Our Colombian car is an amazing car. We realized that it is this kind of car you hate or you love it. The only thing we can tell you is that we were there at the booth and this crazy colombian car was the one that gathered more camera flashes than any other car on the International Show Case of Meguiar´s. Because of wierd ? because of it´s beauty ? beacuse it´s crazy ? We dont know. That really we do know is wasnt because it was the worst !!! Nobody wants to take pics with “the worst car” !

  • keaton custom builder


  • Rob

    I think the Audi R8 was the WORST car by FAR. But the ZR1 is pretty awful too. I don’t mind the ice cream truck or the Jimmy — just a different genre … lowriders are lowrides.

  • Pete

    Ok I jsut threw up so many times. The civic was what to expect the Vette find me the owner and give me a bullet. The Ice Cream truck from hell was cool actually riding low and scaring the kiddies. I tend to like diffrent things but the Impreza was an insult. The 300C should salveged the the designer fired!

  • Killerado22

    Don’t hate on the Jimmy bitch


    Sincerely do a previous course and fill with arguments of weight to be able to think in the matter ….. simply you are not a person it sufficiently suitable and qualified to judge this car since it overcomes you in unovation and aesthetics of work … rather it verifies well that modifications did him to this car … probably learn something… IDIOT!!!

  • benjiman

    this bodydropped truck is amazing. how old were the dudes picking the vehicles for this? 70??


    stupid lowriders! its a blazer by the way and who ever wrote this column you are a dumb shit so go back to suckin pecker

  • AutoXRacer

    These cars definitely belong here… Fugly!!! lol

  • Jordan

    The spiderman car used the after market Peugeot 206 taillight rather than Mazda RX-8’s…. This site is crazy, stupid people gave stupid ideas… I like the spiderman car, it’s one of a kind. You know, doesn’t matter which one is the bedt or worst, the one with the most comments is the winner!

  • Ty

    This is a prime example of the absolutely repugnant journalism that people pretend takes place at this web site. For a car enthusiast to globally label ANY of these vehicles as the “Worse cars in the show” shows his utter loss in understanding both a persons connection with their automobile and trends fascinations people have that they involve their vehicles in.

  • Ty

    You have completely minimized the hundreds and hundreds of man hours that went into making these cars as unique as they are sitting before you that day. But being such a pig headed critic of “class” you managed to sit back and compare what does this car look like as compared to my 3-4 most favorite cars.

  • Ty

    Everyone else posting comments about “this car is ugly that car is ugly” as you leave the site on your way to your job in your boring as sin ford/honda/hyundai/buick/dodge commuter car. I can’t expect site-readers to ever understand this as more than something they’d reply with “umad?” But this needs to be done with…..If we’re all car fans we y we are anyway.


    What the fuck what would you know about a Lowrider or for that matter a Lowrider ice cream truck.This truck is a work of art and has been at many prestigious art shows .You sir are stupid idiot and should get bitch slapped …

  • ML

    All that one has to do to understand why these cars are ridiculous is read the ridiculous people who like them’s comments.


    C wood your a idiot! I don’t know why auto guide has such a close minded ass hole writing for them in he first place. It takes a car person to understand art and true craftsmanship and this person has no clue. Auto guide should replace his ass immediately!

  • Eric

    The guy drove that jimmy from IL. One of the cleanest around.

  • Mike

    The writer don’t even know its a Blazer. What joke

  • kenny h

    I’m not sure how the Blazer made the list. A truck that was recently on the cover of Minitruckin Magazine should never be on a “worst” list. If you only knew half the work that was put into a truck like that you wouldn’t be making fun of it. It may not be some peoples style but you have to give credit for what was put into it. And its not a lowrider, its a mini truck. Lowriders have 13 inch wheels and hydraulics. Whoever wrote this probably has no taste

  • me

    was just scanning your picks,although we all have our like and dislikes, the edidtor (colum wood) was way off base with his statements, lot of work by just, regular people (blazer)goes into these cars and some were acually driven there, not trailor queens. Just saying thats all

  • RX8 Owner

    #3 Spider Man Car…
    “Our first inclination is to call this a Toyota Celica. Head around back, however, and the taillights are obviously from a Mazda RX-8.”

    Not from any RX8 i’ve ever seen… You’re a douche…

  • Royce

    #3…um…no offense, after reading all the other comments that have clearly insulted you. You really don’t know what car this is? Not even the brand? Ok paint job and obviously anti import disdain aside. Look at the headlights!!! It’s a Nissan 350z with a wide body kit. Mazda doesn’t have any headlights that look like that. Neither does Toyota!

  • Alberto

    The tailights of the Celica are not from a Mazda RX8, they are from a Peugeot 206.

  • seabass

    ok First off people get a grip this is one mans opinion how can you bash someone for what they think is ugly or the worst car at a show. That being said not into minitrucks but i think the blazer was pretty cool aside from the rims again my opinion. The porche and the spiderman cars are just nissan 350z or 370z with body kits on them the porche looks clean while the spiderman car was ugly. don’t get me started on the 300 pickup truck the thing is like a 3d puzzle all kinds of messed up

  • guest

    the rear lights are obviously from a peugeot 206!!!