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 |  Nov 24 2011, 4:05 PM

10. Honda Accord


The Honda Accord may not always beat the Camry in the sales race, but according to Bernstein, it’s a more profitable vehicle for The Big H. While the Accord also capitalizes on the “big volume, low cost” method, the Accord is also a bit behind the curve in terms of technology – Honda’s engines haven’t been updated much in the last decade or so, and their 5-speed automatic transmissions are well behind the curve. Sure, it spares Honda a lot of R&D money, but eventually they’ll have to bring themselves up to speed.

  • Rob

    so basically all full-size trucks?
    I would have to think that as gas prices rises, these will become less profitable.

    is the profit driven by volume? or just by mark-up?

  • http://autoguide.com Derek Kreindler

    It’s a mix of both. In some cases its volume, in other cases (premium cars) it’s markup. Others, like the BMWs, split the difference between those factors.

    The pickups are sensitive to economic factors, as we saw 2008…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RENAJWD64GGJ33JQ2ZCCZ246E Michael

    bought me a ford truck just the other day broke down on the side of the road started on fire ! total loss! so much for buying new!