Toyota 86 World Premiere Makes Toyota “Fun to Drive, Again”: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota 86 World Premiere Makes Toyota “Fun to Drive, Again”: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Three years of rumors, concepts and leaks have come to this: the debut of the Toyota 86 sports car at the Tokyo Motor Show. Introduced by company CEO Akio Toyoda, a man dedicated to rebuilding Toyota’s enthusiast base, he launched an all new slogan, boldly proclaiming that the giant Japanese automakers is, “Fun to Drive, Again”.

As you no doubt have already hear the car is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder direct-injection boxer engine with a 12.5:1 compression ratio making 200-hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. It’s not a lot of punch, but with a curb weight right around 2,700 lbs, it should deliver plenty of fun.

See full details here and check out AutoGuide’s extensive 2011 Tokyo Motor Show coverage here.

GALLERY: 2013 Toyota 86

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See video of the car from it’s world premiere in Tokyo below:

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  • yoshi

    Holy sh#t! It’s so fugly! What the fu@k!

  • Will

    Thank you to the previous poster who is clearly an adolescent boy, who has so clearly provided a synopsis of his personality and the extent of his vocabulary. What one likes or dislikes is very subjective. This vehicle has taken a lot of cues from the 350Z…a car that has made quite an impact. It’s difficult to say too much about it without know a lot more than what’s on the surface.

  • Brian

    I already have an 86 toyota. 1 ton flatbed and i bet i can out handle
    that wanabe masarati lookin pos.

  • Cecil Saxon

    I like it- any word on cost?

  • Colum Wood

    No official pricing, but under $30K U.S.

  • JAY48

    I was expecting a closer resemblance to the Trueno, after all, this is a homage to the AE86 line, isn’t it?
    One of my favourite Toyotas is the AE86 Trueno (and not because of Initial D either; I just love that pop-up front end!)
    I’ve currently got a ’84 KE72 wagon that is RWD.

  • Erik

    I was a little disappointed. I guess I was hoping for something closer to the extinct Supra in performance. Even at 2700 lbs, 200 hp is a little weak. It does have some pretty cool styling, but I’m concerned about the small windows not having much visibility, and the trunk seems to have disappeared. Just subjective ramblings from me. I am glad that Toyota finally put out a sporty car though.

  • Wesley Branch

    Wow, Toyota went out of their way to make a Mazda… Shame.

  • najrellim

    When they said “fun” I was thinking of the 81 Tercel 5-speed or a Toyota version of the 1970 IH Scout(a stripped down, rugged, REAL SUV like the original Land Cruiser). I’ll bet this “fun” car doesn’t even come with a manual transmission. Sounds like “fun” for my 85 year old mother but not me !

  • Ishoy

    the third brake light looks out of place. Looks like a mix of an s2000 front 350/370 Front fender flares, genesis coupe rear quarter panel, and mazda rear end. this car is fugly. with that high compression turboing it you might have to be really on the safe side. toyota make a 3jz-gte already, scrap this car and remake the supra.

  • Ricky

    what a heartbreak all these years of teasing us with the awesome concept models and they release this ugly piece of sh*t. their trying to bring sporty cars back to the toyota line up but they just shot themselves dead with this poor excuse imatation of an FT86. If the concept FT86 II was the production car sales woild sore, but this model.. its just an eye sore. the turbo Kia looks better than this.
    Die hard toyota fan 🙁
    owner of a 1977 TE31 Corolla,
    1981 KP61 Starlet,
    1974 RA21 Celica.
    Toyota Has Failed Us!!!

  • Dan Cordon

    Clearly Toyota has failed if their intent was to attract an audience of AE86 fans. I think they are targetting a different audience all together – probably one with money to buy a new, sporty car. If you look at the sales figures of the MKIV Supra, there was only one year when sales of the turbo 6-spd even broke over 1000 units, and there were barely 4000 made over a 6-year model run. They are great cars (I know…I have one), but they were *way* too expensive. I think it’s fantastic that Toyota and Subaru got together to build a small rwd platform that would be rewarding for an enthusiast to drive. I’m still waiting to see reviews and performance numbers. But if the car has good dynamics, I may pick one up…ugly or not.

  • Alastair

    The problem with this car is that it is not a stand out vehicle in any way. There are plenty of competitive cars (although some of those are front wheel drive). Now a car like the MR2 or MR-S Spyder were at least unique and exotic (although in the case of the MR-S very poorly executed), but this car is completely unremarkable. It is a bit like the RX-8 (and next years RX-9). It is going to have compete against exist cars from Honda and Muscle Cars from the Americans. So frankly I don’t see why they expect anyone to buy this car.

    There is a supercharged version on the way too, but the pricing will need to be very aggressive in these hard economic times.